How Hunt vs. Bigfoot was a draw


They say that a draw is like kissing your sister, but in the main event Saturday night at UFN 33, a draw was justice, as neither fighter deserved to lose. And financially, neither did.

UFC president Dana White rightly called it the Fight of the Night, and rightly gave each the $50,000 bonus, and rightly gave each their show money plus their win money, and rightly blew up his Twitter account with praise, and rightly may buy each a private island.

Dana White ‏@danawhite
•People!!!!! Have u EVER seen anything like this in ur life!!!!!?
•Both Hunt and Silva win FON and both get their win bonus and I might buy them both their own private ISLANDS!!!! Sickest HW fight ever!!!
•I agree that I have NEVER been so happy with a draw in my life! I am happy it was a draw. Winner of that fight is US the fans!!!

Still, there was some confusion as to how you could get a draw with an odd number of rounds. Here's how:

Barry Foley
1: 10-9 Silva
2: 10-9 Silva
3: 10-9 Hunt
4: 10-9 Silva
5: 10-8 Hunt
47-47 draw

Charlie Keech
1: 10-9 Silva
2: 9-10 Hunt
3: 9-10 Hunt
4: 10-9 Silva
5: 9-10 Hunt
48-47 Hunt

Ron Papaioannou
1: 10-9 Silva
2: 10-9 Silva
3: 10-9 Hunt
4: 10-9 Silva
5: 10-8 Hunt
47-47 draw

You do have to wonder if Foley and Papaioannou did not want to pick a winner, did some quick math, and called round 5 10-8. You could make a reasonable argument that round 4 was 10-8 Silva. Still, a draw was the just decision - neither man lost that fight, and all of us won.

How did you score the fight?


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TFK_BOZY site profile image  

12/8/13 10:15 PM by TFK_BOZY

Hunto!!!! I stand by my opinion! Hunto is so hot right now, Hunto.

savage043 site profile image  

12/8/13 10:08 PM by savage043

I just rewatched the fight and gave 1,2,4 to silva and I thought round 5 was sooooo close to a 10-8 and I believe the difference was the doctor stepping in but silva mustered up just enough offense to keep it a 10-9 IMO

CHiLLEN site profile image  

12/8/13 8:58 PM by CHiLLEN

I had Mark down 2 rounds going into the 5th. Didn't score it a 10-8 in favour of Mark, but I'm so glad it was. Being a bit bias cause I'm Australian.Few people have mentioned already, I thought big foots dominate round 3 was as close as it gets to a 10-8.

Stea1th site profile image  

12/8/13 5:13 PM by Stea1th

It's interesting how the fight is a draw even though technicly hunt won the fight if you go by points. What's the point of having a 3rd judge if draws can still happen. I always thought having a odd amount of judges was to prevent draws from happening. 

Jumbo Reverse Shrimp site profile image  

12/8/13 5:06 PM by Jumbo Reverse Shrimp

LOL at you guys. "What's this newfangled majority draw business about?"

40oztofreedom site profile image  

12/8/13 2:34 PM by 40oztofreedom

Yeah I guess that makes sense, I wasn't aware how the score cards work.

Ben CQ site profile image  

12/8/13 2:05 PM by Ben CQ

That form isn't filled in by the judges, it's filled in by whoever is doing the commissioners role that evening.Your scorecards are taken off you at the end of every round and then transposed down onto that sheet between rounds.

40oztofreedom site profile image  

12/8/13 11:00 AM by 40oztofreedom

Is it just me or do all 3 judges have the exact same writing style? I don't like going all conspiracy theory but everything always seems shady. It's the mafia involvment imo

40oztofreedom site profile image  

12/8/13 10:48 AM by 40oztofreedom

I agree with this. I always thought that was the reason for having an odd number of judges. For if the decision is split or tied from two judges, the third judge declares the winner. What if there were 5 judges and 3 scored it a draw and 2 scored it for Hunt, is it still a majority draw?

kungfumullet site profile image  

12/8/13 10:41 AM by kungfumullet

I had Hunt as the winner. ... To me round 3 was the closer 10-8. I'll bet the two judges who scored the last round 10-8 went out of their way to make the whole fight a draw, which is not supposed to be what you should do but in this case I don't mind