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Julie Kedzie @Julesk_fighter
•Before walking out to my fight today, I had a long talk with my coach and we decided that this would be my last MMA fight.
•I would have loved to have gone out on a win, but c'est la vie-don't leave it to the judges. Heartbreak is a huge part of this sport.
•I really truly want to thank all of you for being a part of my journey as a fighter. I will still be involved in MMA for the rest of my life
•..but now it's time for me to accept that I can give more to the sport by stepping back and taking role in helping to develop other fighters
•From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the @UFC , my team, and all of you who have made me achieve some amazing dreams.

Before Ronda Rousey ever stepped onto an Olympic judo mat, or Gina Carano stepped into the cage that brought her to a Hollywood career, Julie Kedzie was fighting in one-night, 8-woman tournaments.

It all started when she watched a DVD of women fighting in a HOOKnSHOOT event, promoted by the father of women's MMA, Jeff Osborne. She would go on to win three fights in one night, taking the 2005 HOOKnSHOOT Women's Grand Prix.

"Once I saw the fights, I knew that is what I wanted to do," said Kedzie. "I knew it was destiny. I got my degree and then I went out to California and started training."

"All those years, Dana said he'd never have women fight in the UFC, and I didn't believe it," said Kedzie. "I'd tell people: 'I'm going to fight in the UFC one day,' and people would say 'yeah, sure.' You can call it destiny or fate or whatever you want to call it, but I always believed this day would come.

In 2007 Kedzie fought Gina Carano on Showtime's MMA debut in the fight that put WMMA on the map. Carano and Kedzie stole the show.

"This is going to sound arrogant, but my legacy has already been made," said Kedzie. "I was one of a group of girls who helped push this thing forward and fought when no one wanted us fighting."

Now 32, Kedzie has made the decision to retire. She discussed why in an interview with MMAJunkie.

“I started to realize that so many of the things that motivate people, I just don’t feel the same way about it,” said Kedzie. “Like when Ronda Rousey says she’ll die in the cage, I think, I don’t want to die. I just want to fight well. But maybe that’s what I’m missing. Maybe that edge has kind of been smoothed down on me. I don’t think it’s a lack of passion, and I don’t think it’s a lack of crazy, because I am kind of crazy. I think, I don’t know, maybe I’ve just worked my issues out now.”

“Greg said I should let myself have that possibility, that plenty of people retire and come back in six months and there’s no shame in it, but something in it feels final to me.”

“I still want to do well and beat people up, but there’s this hunger for fame and glory and titles that I just don’t have. I’m not saying that as a critique of other fighters, because I do think that’s an important element to a championship mindset. But if I’m being honest with myself, I come from more of a martial arts background where I like the respect at the end of the day. Like, I learned a good lesson and had fun, now let’s go home. That’s the motivation I come from, and I just don’t think it’s gelling with ambition very well.”

“I started because I loved it, and I ended loving it. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to retire now, while I still love it, before it became a chore.”

Julie Kedzie's service to the sport will continue seamlessly. Assisting Greg Jackson at Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts, providing fight commentary for Invicta Fighting Championships, and whatever ever other efforts she chooses to pursue will make her a vital part of this sport for a very long time to come.

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BoDiddlySquat site profile image  

12/11/13 11:47 PM by BoDiddlySquat

I've been a big fan since her Bodog days. Be Like Bas.

Stone Rolled site profile image  

12/8/13 11:00 PM by Stone Rolled

I wish she could stick it out longer and actually get to reap the reward of fighting and winning one in UFC. But she would know her body and her mind and what's best for her.

CaptainAhab site profile image  

12/8/13 10:30 PM by CaptainAhab

Good luck to her. The fight she had with M. Tate was the first great WMMA fight I ever saw.

Tru site profile image  

12/8/13 9:27 PM by Tru

Julie is right; her legacy was secured years ago IMO.   War Julie

CandyCrush site profile image  

12/8/13 7:42 PM by CandyCrush


hooha site profile image  

12/8/13 4:52 PM by hooha

DWhite: "Now I know who Julie Kedzie IS"sorry for typo

hooha site profile image  

12/8/13 4:49 PM by hooha

Decimated - man your post tries to come off as complimentary but it's full of insults. You "hate to say it" but you do anyway! Her last two fights were split decisions against tough competition, and when she lost to Meisha (arguably the #2 in the world) she was kicking ass until she got armbarred in the 3rd. Remember, it made DWhite say "I now know who Julie Kedzie it" - so much for losing her physicality! And you "hate to say it" but you just must comment on her looks too, right? You have a problem with Julie Kedzie's looks? I think there are enough drooling and flattering comments on fight forums about how hot JK is to easily counter your insult, but all the same, how nasty of you to write that. Unnecessary and hurtful. Then you bash Kedzie and Carano for their communication skills, too! Most of us love hearing pro fighters give their opinion or talk with other fighters because we appreciate their insights and perspective. Besides Florian and Sonnen there aren't really many fighters that commentate that are on par with the pros like Rogan, etc. but we still love 'em! Rashad, Pat Miletich, Cruz, Cormier, Bas - they've all had plenty of clumsy moments but who cares?! I'm sure you meant to be supportive Decimated, but imagine if you were Julie Kedzie - would your post be pleasant to read?WAR KEDZIE!!

FOX Force Five site profile image  

12/8/13 4:05 PM by FOX Force Five


Spoonie Luv site profile image  

12/8/13 3:53 PM by Spoonie Luv

No disrespect but was she the one on TUF that lost to the newb after talking all that shit?

VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT site profile image  

12/8/13 1:29 PM by VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT

Julie would be a great analyst for Fox and the UFC..especially breaking down wmma fights. I hope they set her up with a gig. If not she will always be able to go back to Invicta to do commentary.