Edgar, Jury, and Walker (RIP) receive black belts in BJJ


A black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most coveted goals in mixed martial arts, and generally takes around a decade of ferociously hard work. Three black belts were awarded this weekend, one posthumously, to Frankie Edgar, Myles Jury, and actor Paul Walker.

Former UFC lightweight champion and current featherweight Frankie “The Answer” Edgar received his BJJ black belt on Saturday from his instructor, Renzo Gracie protege Ricardo Almeida.

While Edgar has not won via submission since tapping Matt Veach in the TUF 10 Finale in 2009, BJJ shows in a fighter's style in many, many other ways. For example, Edgar has never been submitted.

He will be coaching opposite BJJ phenom BJ Penn on the 19th season of The Ultimate Fighter, with the pair fighting at the end. Expect BJJ to be on full display this season.

UFC lightweight Myles “Fury” Jury was awarded his black belt by Don Richard, who is in turn a black belt under Master Caique.

“I have been teaching martial arts and training fighters for over twelve years and training most of my life starting with wrestling at age seven," said Richard. "In those 32 years I’ve seen a great number of talented athletes, but there was one who stood out more than all the others. That one was Myles Jury. Myles was a stand out not because he was strong, not because he was a naturally gifted athlete, not for any physical reason. He stood out because he was eager to learn and he understood timing and technique will win over strength and athleticism.”

In the most unusual ceremony, deceased actor Paul Walker was awarded his black belt posthumously by Ricardo Franjinha Miller, owner of California's Paragon Bjj Academy and Ventura Paragon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

“I know he will reach it one day,' said Miller. “So in his memory, I presented it to his Dad at his family memorial.


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12/10/13 6:12 AM by Frank Gallagher

Thanks for the answers to my question.

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12/10/13 5:45 AM by Malvert the Janitor

Good job, Frankie!

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12/10/13 4:22 AM by andrewtregoning

oh right, didnt know that. it certainly looks worn

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12/10/13 4:19 AM by Caught_clean

Some places dont do stripes, just get the belt when you are ready.

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12/10/13 4:17 AM by andrewtregoning

something i noticed in that picture, his brown belt doesn't have stripes on it? which is odd

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12/10/13 4:11 AM by Caught_clean

And both times he used proper technique (they covered it in a gracie breakdown) on how to escape is the point I was trying to make.

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12/10/13 3:11 AM by Joe Hogans Heefer

Actually Benson almost got him in a guillotine twice, same with Oliveria.

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12/10/13 2:49 AM by Thuglife13

LoL @ ThisLike anyone not going full-retard would think "Two Times" would have one in a million chance of owning B.J. in anything BJJ related...Andre Pederneiras > Ricardo AlmeidaNot gonna lie though, it would be a honor to train under Danaher...With that being said, congrats!

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12/10/13 2:46 AM by wiggum

Voted up

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12/10/13 2:08 AM by truestory82

RABJJ - One of the top BJJ gyms around.