Souza: I have the style to beat Weidman


Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza already has two impressive wins, but is already being talked about for a potential title fight down the road. Souza himself, is up for the challenge, and feels like he has the right mix of tools to defeat current champion Chris Weidman, or anyone for that matter:

"I have the perfect style to beat anyone, including Chris Weidman," he said. "Many people don’t believe in my potential yet, but that’s how I like it. I still have much to prove, I’ve fought only twice in the UFC, but I can guarantee you that I’m ready for any challenge to prove I have what it takes to get the title.

"(Carmont) is a well-rounded fighter. He started his career in the striking area but has been taking down his opponents recently, doing a great job with his wrestling and jiu-jitsu. It’s a complicated fighter to set up a strategy, but that’s the type of challenge I like to fight."

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Recent Comments »

DoomFarmer site profile image  

12/13/13 12:40 AM by DoomFarmer

This isn't a discussion about Jones

daxfactor site profile image  

12/13/13 12:26 AM by daxfactor

Jones has handled every top fighter with the exception of Gus. Weidman has only faced one top fighter that he happens to be a really good matchup for. Take the nuts out of your mouth please . Jones would do to weidman what he did to Bader/hamill.

gamechanger site profile image  

12/12/13 10:12 PM by gamechanger

What about Jon Jones? Gustafsson already whopped that ass. Cain would murder him .Id even actualy give Chris a shot of beating Jones.Jones is insanely over hyped. Jones isnt even the most skilled fighter at 205. Jones is literally nothing but just reach and size...he finally fought someone close in enough in size to him in Gustafsson, and he got out classed.

MARC BULGER site profile image  

12/12/13 9:07 PM by MARC BULGER

And that my friend is how you bitch slap somebody on the internet.

Brabatross site profile image  

12/12/13 7:18 PM by Brabatross

Jacare, Machida and Vitor would all beat Wiedman.

daxfactor site profile image  

12/12/13 7:04 PM by daxfactor

Da fuck? Jon jones anyone?

gamechanger site profile image  

12/12/13 6:05 PM by gamechanger

He very well may have the style to beat Weidman, and he may not. Even if he has the stylistic advantage over Weidman, Weidman can still pull it off due to intagibles...I myself would favor Weidman but nothing is always certian at the highest levelAnd its fun for us fans to dicuss it all..I would love to find out one day!Souza believes in himself and thats always a good thing. Weidman would obviously believe in himself too.....its always a good fight when two confident dudes face off and come to kill each other....the one who wants more will put that extra emph on it IMOI agree with who said that Chris has a tough road ahead of him...but from day one I knew Chris was something special.IF Chris can get past Anderson again, I strongly feel Chris will go on to be one of MMA's grestest new talents. IMO the 3 greatest fighters in MMA will soon be Cain,Weidman,and Gustafsson.I strongly feel that Cain and Weidman will be the two best pound for pound fighters in the UFC and will hold down that rank for a while IMO

CaptChaos site profile image  

12/12/13 5:52 PM by CaptChaos

If Jacare could get to 170 he would be nasty but he has a lot of muscle so... If Weidman beats AS a lotta guys will be chomping at the bit cause I think most MW's don't see Weidman as a dangerous threat like they did AS. Another thing to consider is popularity. Jacare is not the most popular fighter outside of diehard fans so I don't see him getting a title shot soon IMO. He's fighting Carmont next which isn't a high profile fight even though Carmont is a beast.

SiriusXM Fight Club site profile image  

12/12/13 11:55 AM by SiriusXM Fight Club

Vitor in Brazil extremely dangerous contender. Vitor in a place that has a competent commission, gatekeeper

SOO72 site profile image  

12/12/13 11:45 AM by SOO72

I don't see Weidman at a disadvantage anywhere vs. Jacre, and the size/strength advantage for Weidman would be too much. Jacre should be fighting at 170 where he'd be untouchable.