MacDonald: My life is better without sex


Michael McDonald said an in interview last week that he has abstained from sex for the past three and a  half years and is waiting for marriage. The news received wide spread attention from the MMA media, something that suprised the unassuming bantamweight:

"Yes and no (surprised by reaction). I am very proud of my abstinence. There was a time when it wasn't even in my vocabulary. I've lived on both sides of the fence. People ask me, ‘Is it for your religious beliefs? Is it for your athletic believes? Why do you do this?' I found it a little, wow, that people approached it and reacted to it almost the same as me saying, ‘Oh, I went three and a half years without food.' Like I said, I lived on both sides of the fence and I know what God says and I decided that's what I'm going to do because God says it. I've lived on both sides of the fence and now being on this side of the fence I just see that my life is better for it. I said I want to do this because God says it and after I did it I said, ‘This is, it's great. It's good.' My life is better like this and I made the choice to stay this way and to keep it this way."

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ChaosOverkill site profile image  

12/15/13 5:34 PM by ChaosOverkill

I get and its all well and good to come to that conclusion and be secure with it and entirely another for scared confused beings searching for answers to take your leap of faith while bombarded with people vying for their membership. I just personally have decided that either or are not going to affect my decision making and that my moral center as it sits with instinct and empathy is enoughto set myself apart. I recognize god may exist as an agnostic but don't believe any list of arbitrary moral labyrinth the faiths have adapted. Case in point I dislike abortion as a concept for unwanted inconvenience and if ing human carelessness but also rationally see why the option has to e list for the obvious cases , but I will never blanket something with law handed down from any creator concept that doesn't ultimately holds common sense and judgment rationale as paramount. Except in is fully ironic to me, fascist or oppressive behaviour. So I have I'll will for your position I am just Leary based on the inconsistency of the use of blanket law

r_o_y site profile image  

12/15/13 10:37 AM by r_o_y

The institutions...the religions ...those are not the impotant parts. At least I don't believe they are. Yes the basis of jesus was to forgive everyone no matter what they have done up until that point. Believinghas nothing to do with organized religion. I feel like there is much more i want to say but my brain is mush in the morning. I guess to the people out there who may not want to seek god out because of religion...Please don't do that. I grew up in the church since I was 5. Basically a life in the church made me hate church...but I never lost my faith in what I believe in.

JamesPowell site profile image  

12/15/13 8:34 AM by JamesPowell

Funniest shit

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

12/15/13 7:00 AM by ChaosOverkill

  Imperfect is making a few mistakes that don't hurt people, not Priests and rapists and murders, who apparently are still seen as more worthy of heaven, than people who re-define their own perceptions of god outside of organized religion or reject it entire and still lead good lives, if those "sinners" pay lip service at the end of their lives to the rituals and claim the "born again" status. If that's truly the point, to observe the creator and frame him right and not treat people as you would like to be treated regardless of the worship of acknowledgement of God, then I still don't care and still give it the finger. I don't need God to preach and act in the name of peace. Imperfect beings work towards fixing mistakes, not make the problems worse. The Vatican is getting bigger not smaller and not less gold plated.   If the offer is, "Hand me your perception of free will and uniqueness and worth by your actions, and you get into my paradise" I don't want it, I like my actions outside of the guilt and fear being positive without it. Whether the concept is done right or not, it's been bastardized so far outside of the intent of the Jesus parable, there is no helping the institution change, it is completely incapable of it and guilty of all 7 deadly sins on it's own. That's not imperfection that open obtuse, defiant, malicious, oppressive hypocrisy. This is my opinion of it, I am in a minority in my family and community: AND I  DON'T CARE

r_o_y site profile image  

12/15/13 5:00 AM by r_o_y

the whole point of Jesus' existence was the departure from all those old rules and rituals. this is why he was seen as a false phophet and executed. Christianity is not about believing that anyone not following a set of rules is going to hell. it's not about being perfect or how many prayers you say or any of that. hell is described as a place for those who reject god. it's literally a door number one or door number 2 thing.I know people who say they are going to hell and don't care cause that is where all the fun people are. the place that is described as being the exact opposite of all that is good in the universe. no hope or love,just tormant. that is people's mentality about god because they don't want someone telling them how to live. such a weird thing for someone to say.look every Christian does not have it all right and there are many misunderstandings about god and the bible. so who knows about heaven and hell an all of that and how much we really have right. but just because you see a certain set of Christians being smug assholes doesn't mean that what it's all about. what is supposed to be about is showing people the peace and love of god. all the other stupid shit you see involving the problems with religion is because people are imperfect.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

12/15/13 4:26 AM by ChaosOverkill

  My bad, yeah probably should have, but on the other hand I really don't care about him as a fighter, so lesson learned.   Next time I'll just avoid him and pay no mind. I also didn't think any reporter would be lame ass enought to be asking that, but once again my bad.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

12/15/13 4:12 AM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

He asked him "do you have sex leading up to a fight". Maybe you should watch the interview, before you write long drawn out posts about it.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

12/15/13 4:10 AM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

He said that he asks it to every fighter. Same guy that asked Ronda, when she said she has as much as possible.

JoshSanchez site profile image  

12/15/13 2:38 AM by JoshSanchez

Half of the UGers wouldn't know the difference, lol

andyloveshugs site profile image  

12/15/13 2:36 AM by andyloveshugs

Jesus cocksucking Christ I just read your post and you call the authors of the Bible simply "eyewitnesses" documenting history. LOL! And the Quran is an objective testimony of history and Muhammad was simply an eyewitness. Joseph Smith was simply an eye witness. Your bias literally seeps through your entire post.