White: What I love about John McCarthy


In 2008, pioneering refereee "Big" John McCarthy took a job as a color commentator with then UFC rival Affliction MMA. In addition, McCarthy made some criticial remarks about White. White responded characteristically. The pair have likely not exchanged Christmas cards since.

However, following UFC on FOX 9, White was effusive in his praise for McCarthy, calling him one of the two best refs in the sport.

“John McCarthy and I might have had our moments throughout the years, but I’ll tell you what I love about McCarthy, and it happened again tonight,” said White at the post fight press conference. “When John is in that Octagon, he is in absolute and total control.”

“I like how they had McCarthy and Dean going back-to-back on some fights. You know who the good referees are. You know who they are. Do it. Put the right guys in there. It makes sense. They’re not working too much. They’re in there moving around and they’re watching.”

“Lauzon headbutted (his opponent Mac Danzig), and he stopped the fight and said, ‘Watch your head. Everybody in the arena knew there was a headbutt, and everybody watching on TV knew it was stopped and there was a warning for a headbutt. That’s what you do.

“When you’re the ref, you’re in control and you’re in charge. There are other people who ref that are just completely not in charge when they’re in there, and they make calls out of the f—ing blue. They don’t warn people, and if they do, they don’t let everyone know they’ve been warned.”

“Are [McCarthy and Dean] perfect? Are they going to make mistakes? Sometimes they are. But it’s hard to argue that they’re the best in there.”

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Hunto's Huckleberries site profile image  

12/16/13 1:13 AM by Hunto's Huckleberries

Kim Winslow?

WestCoastKid site profile image  

12/16/13 12:45 AM by WestCoastKid

I wouldn't call Maz "awesome," but he is definitely respectable, pretty quick, agile and he doesn't deserve the shit that he gets. Plus, he is 20x a better referee than Kim Winslow any day, all day even on leap year.Kim is slow as f*ck and doesn't have a clue about her camel toe, let alone the sport of MMA.I like that ref Keith Peterson (tatted guy??) too from the east coast. He's pretty fast when it comes to response time. Seems like he has some cajones too, which I can respect.That ref Mike Beltran is kind of slow imho. Faster than BJM yes, but still pretty slow overall. Jason Herzog is faster than Beltran and Big John but is no where near as good as either one of them, so really nothing makes sense, excepting finding a referee that knows the sport better than Kim Winslow

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

12/16/13 12:33 AM by duckhuntgangsta

Steave Mazzigatti is the fastest ref in the business. That dude is awesome.

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

12/16/13 12:31 AM by duckhuntgangsta

Herb "the Predator" Dean!!!I meant training other refs :-)

WestCoastKid site profile image  

12/16/13 12:30 AM by WestCoastKid

I like Big John but he seemed too far away in the main event. Joseph ended up taking a good possible 3-5 blows after he was already out because Big John had to play catchup.Yes he is strong and stronger than most refs, but he is nowhere near as fast as he used to be. Seems like age and his size are catching up to him now. Personally, if I was a fighter, I would rather have a smaller faster ref than a stronger slower ref. No one is perfect though. A lot of these guys focus so much on their strength but are seemingly always steps behind when it comes to speed and fast reaction time. Love him or hate him, I like Yves and the way he moves. From what it seems too, he also isn't scared to get hit or put his body on the line, if needed.

Bucephalus site profile image  

12/16/13 12:06 AM by Bucephalus

When it comes to Octagon control, two referees come to mind.John McCarthy and Kim Winslow.

pidgey site profile image  

12/15/13 3:34 PM by pidgey

fan of Big John but in the Krause fight he dun goofed.

Illidan site profile image  

12/15/13 3:25 PM by Illidan

I like the red with the Nordic beard.

Greg Southworth site profile image  

12/15/13 3:20 PM by Greg Southworth

Mike Beltran (Yosemite Sam stache) reffed last night too and is badass.Don Turnage out of Texas is up and coming - you'll see him quite a bit on 171.

Another Foob site profile image  

12/15/13 3:18 PM by Another Foob

Every time there's a thread about Big John somebody makes this comment. I think you're just saying it because other people have said it. I don't notice BJM nearly as much as I notice friggin Mazzagatti.