Modafferi's 'Memoirs of a Happy Warrior' on sale now


Roxy's book got published! :D (Japan, MMA)

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The book I've been writing for years has gotten published! :D

It's about my one-year study abroad in college, when I FIRST went to Japan. I had my debut MMA fight, trained at a Japanese gym, had all sorts of cultural blunders and adventures, went on a date.... o_O;;; *gasp*  Kirik is in it...not the date part, that is.  Cornering me. XD

Get your copy of Memoires of a Happy Warrior

MMA fighter Roxanne Modafferi has released her autobiography, a project several years in the making.

The project covers an integral period of her life when she moved from the United States to when she spent her junior year in college abroad in Japan. While in the Land of the Rising Sun, Modafferi embarked on her professional MMA career and tore through her opposition en route to captivating victories in Smackgirl and HOOKnSHOOT, culminating in her capturing the middleweight title in the IFC.

“I am thrilled to share a bit of my life story with everybody,” Modafferi said. “I've spent a total of eight years in Japan after college graduation, but this year abroad as a student was my first experience living in the foreign culture. I want to share the funny, painful, challenging, and fun things that I've done. I hope that anybody who purchases a copy of Memoirs of a Happy Warrior will not only enjoy it, but also take something positive from my story. Hopefully it will help others achieve their goals and make them happier, more productive people because of it.”

The book not only chronicles the struggles and triumphs of the early days of Modafferi’s fighting career but also as to who Roxanne is a person. She had to learn not only an entirely new language, but also how to navigate around the labyrinthine streets of Tokyo and its surrounding cities. Being in such a massive and populated metropolis that one has never been in before is a daunting task in and of itself. But getting acclimated to an entirely different culture with a host family that doesn’t speak your native language is something that most people wouldn’t overcome. But with the help from a few people who would become lifelong friends and a burning desire to succeed, Roxanne didn’t just persevere. She relished in the challenge and became one of the best fighters on the female circuit because of it.

Memoirs of a Happy Warrior is being published by Las Vegas-based Burning Horse Media, a multi-faceted media company founded by long-time fight writer Mike Sloan. With two titles already published and ten more due by the end of 2014, Burning Horse Media is quickly becoming one of the best independent publishing companies in the country.

“We are thrilled to be releasing Memoirs of a Happy Warrior,” Sloan said. “We hope that everybody who calls him or herself a fan of MMA will scoop up a copy of the book and enjoy what Roxanne has written. She’s put in a ton of work to get this project finished and now it’s our turn to help make her dreams become a reality. She’s been crowned a champion, which is not something everybody can claim for themselves. It wasn’t easy but she has achieved a tremendous amount of goals over the past years and her being cast on TUF18 is a testament to her work ethic and dedication."

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1/26/14 9:30 PM by Caddock

Today I woke up, made some hotto keiki ;) and sat down and read a good book. Roxy's book is good fun and her genuine and infectious personality shines through in every anecdote.The book does include her training as well as great descriptions of the fights and competitions she took part in during the time frame covered, however it is much more than that. Part a personal travelogue and part tale of personal growth rather than just a recount of fights. To me this made the book much more engaging. We get to share in the stress, confusion and joy as Roxy adjusts to her new surroundings. I have read many of these small press books and this one, like the others, does suffer from the occasional typo or formatting error. I'd put it on the higher quality end of those I've read, the errors aren't too common or distracting.I don't see how it would be possible to read this book and not come away as a fan (which you should be already)

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

12/24/13 11:58 AM by Hong Kong Phooey

very kewl

NomoRomophobia site profile image  

12/24/13 11:55 AM by NomoRomophobia

Can't wait.

DreamerMMA site profile image  

12/24/13 3:15 AM by DreamerMMA

Looking forward to reading it.

Horace.P.McTitties site profile image  

12/24/13 2:44 AM by Horace.P.McTitties

He s right rox it does look odd

Rox19 site profile image  

12/23/13 10:48 PM by Rox19

thanks guys :D

RawrAnti! site profile image  

12/23/13 2:27 PM by RawrAnti!

I wish I could have revised my xmas wish list to include this :( Also look forward to reading the one you're currently working on!

TARRat site profile image  

12/23/13 10:29 AM by TARRat

Just print this picture and tape it to the cover.

CaughtItFromARua site profile image  

12/22/13 10:34 PM by CaughtItFromARua

Congrats Roxy!