Chris Weidman: I was extremely bullied, was hospitalized


Bobby Razak profiles UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman in the latest of his "Vérité" series.

"I grew up in a decently tough neighborhood," says Weidman as transcribed by MMAFighting. "I grew up getting bullied and fighting a lot. My brother was probably one of the toughest kids from my neighborhood and he didn't make it easy on me. He made sure I was getting beat up as much as possible growing up. If he wasn't beating me up, he was making his friends beat me up. He threw a 10 pound weight on my head because I wouldn't get him a cookie. Split my forehead open pretty good."

"I think any type of setback you have, any tough time you've got, getting through it is what makes you who you are. It makes you a tougher person. I think whatever you've been through in your life makes you a tougher person. I'm very grateful for the background I have, every tough situation I've been through because it's made me who I am."

"I was severely bullied... I didn't really even think about it as bullying up until a year or two ago when I gave an anti bullying speech, and I realized holy crap I was really badly bullied."




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Willin site profile image  

12/28/13 2:10 PM by Willin

Excellent interview. The bullying he went through sounds horrific. It bred a monster!   TTT!

RickStorm site profile image  

12/23/13 4:24 PM by RickStorm


RickStorm site profile image  

12/23/13 11:36 AM by RickStorm


Sprawl'n'Stall site profile image  

12/21/13 10:56 AM by Sprawl'n'Stall

"I love my brothers and LOVED my brothers then, BUT at times I had NO fucking clue what I was doing, or why I was so mean. I regret it and wish it wasnt how it was. I dont remember a lot of it."You can bet that THEY remember all of it. It's true for all of us. We tend to forget easily the harm we have done yet remember vividly the wrongs that have been done to us. It's plain weird how so many successful top guys in all kinds of fields have come up lately to say they were bullied as kids. Makes their anti-bully stance a tad hollow... I know they are sincere but damn their successes add a weird twist to it all.

Kepler site profile image  

12/21/13 9:50 AM by Kepler

My older brother got me into MMA and he bullied me very badly when we were children but if anyone else touched me or anything he would go ape shit. He still has his issues but we have a good relationship now. Every MMA event we meet up and smoke some weed and watch some fights. I think Weidman will lose to Silva but I got to say the most recent stuff I have seen from him is making me a big fan.

fraz1001 site profile image  

12/21/13 8:37 AM by fraz1001

Great interview!!Anyone else think the relationship between Weidman and his brother is a little different these days?!

uratoker2 site profile image  

12/21/13 7:52 AM by uratoker2

Great interview. Makes me respect Weidman even more.

CHiLLEN site profile image  

12/21/13 7:40 AM by CHiLLEN

This. I love the way Chris thinks, he's got the right mind set. He's brother sounds like a fucking prick.. Anyone know If they get along now days?

One&Done site profile image  

12/21/13 7:31 AM by One&Done

My older brother was also the toughest kid in school, the difference is he made 100% certain it was crystal clear I was untouchable. Not only that but he and my dad saw i was going to be smaller in comparison to them so they put me in martial arts & toughened me up through rough housing literally every day. I coasted through school with upper class men kissing my ass and kids my age not wanting to take me on after seeing how well I could fight. That's how an older brother should be, Weidmans brother should be ashamed of himself.

SilverSpoon1996 site profile image  

12/21/13 6:05 AM by SilverSpoon1996

Just trying to give the other perspective of this.. Ive suffered from bi-polar disorder my entire life, as I have grown older and think back, I cant think when it started. I have been mean and violent with both my brothers growing up. I am not proud of this, I was ill. I love my brothers and LOVED my brothers then, BUT at times I had NO fucking clue what I was doing, or why I was so mean. I regret it and wish it wasnt how it was. I dont remember a lot of it. I am a lot closer with my brothers now. I would now, and then, put people in the ground for them. I still today am bi-polar things like this you treat, you cant get rid of. I am pretty sure his brother wasnt just an asshole to his little brother. Most kids who are that fucked up, suffer from some sort of mental illness. I hope for Chris and his brother they figured a way to have a relationship. The past is the past. They should have a future, they are brothers nothing changes that.