Tate: I just really want to punch [Rousey]


The hate between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate is real, even 'as real as it gets.' Tate, known mostly for her wrestling and ground game, of course wants to win, but more than just win, she wants to hurt Rousey:

“I’m prepared to do anything necessary to win this fight. I’ve trained everything. Obviously I have the wrestling. I feel like I have a very strong ground game that’s been really underestimated. So, I’ve been sharpening the things that I want to, that I feel like I need to,” said Tate. “But, you know, I just really want to punch her. And I would love nothing more than to get my first clean knockout with my hands on national television on the biggest pay-per-view…that would be amazing for me. I’d love it if she’d stand and trade with me. But I don’t think that she’ll want to, so we’ll see what happens.”

To elude making mistakes and not let her emotions get the best of her come fight night, Miesha’s chosen to treat her arch rival as just another opponent.

“She’s just going to be a body. A body in the way of my title and that’s the way I want to keep it. I want to stay emotionally uninvested. I want to get the knockout because I want to prove I’m that much better than her. That’s just a personal goal, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with the fact that she is somewhat an arch nemesis. It’s just what I want to do.”

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NotTheNoobURLooking4 site profile image  

12/24/13 1:45 AM by NotTheNoobURLooking4

Honda by armbar

ssj site profile image  

12/23/13 11:32 PM by ssj

lol @ u RR virgins in here

mongo54 site profile image  

12/23/13 7:20 PM by mongo54

that ass kissing was not subtle

WithoutSpoilersdotCom site profile image  

12/23/13 4:41 PM by WithoutSpoilersdotCom

idiotic interview imo

Kebban site profile image  

12/23/13 4:25 PM by Kebban

Such unreal contradiction. “She’s just going to be a body. A body in the way of my title and that’s the way I want to keep it. I want to stay emotionally uninvested. I want to get the knockout because I want to prove I’m that much better than her. "Is she just a body or do you wanna prove you are better. What is it?Amazing amount of bullshit. Also I'm amazed that "her stock has risen" since TUF, the amount of subtle ass kissing she applied to Dana was sickening.

HULC site profile image  

12/23/13 4:22 PM by HULC

Well she's showing horrible technique in that pic, so i'm not holding my breath that she's developed dynamite power.

fenatic site profile image  

12/23/13 12:54 PM by fenatic

Ronda Rousey is going to go thru you like a hot knife thru butter. You think you have the answer, wrong, Ronda can not be intimidated, she is a class A athlete who is hungry, much more hungry than you can imagine. Your bull shit is transparent, you are in big trouble. Just a few days from now it will be all over including your UFC career. You should thank Ronda Rousey every day for what she has done for woman's MMA. If not for Ronda you would still be selling pathetic pictures of your ass in cheap magazine ads. Say Thank You Ronda, Come Saturday it's all over.

The Winter Soldier site profile image  

12/23/13 12:44 PM by The Winter Soldier

 I have a sneaking suspicion and wouldnt be surprised if Miesha ran around the octagon with a look on her face of one who just smelled a really bad fart, until her arm is broken. But Im not a gambling man.

kalt site profile image  

12/23/13 12:42 PM by kalt

Tate's had nothing to do but train and practice in recent months. Rousey has been busy making movies, travelling, and "keepin' it [area code] real" Diaz-style, and all that screaming and cursing takes a lot of time and energy.Rousey will probably win, but Tate has a real chance. Smart bet to put a few bucks on Tate. Especially considering Ronda's a one-trick pony.

I GOT WEE'D ON BY WEIDMAN site profile image  

12/23/13 12:34 PM by I GOT WEE'D ON BY WEIDMAN

excellent point did not think of that. those new cans may actually help her in the octagon but will make it harder to cut weight.


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