Barry, Phan NOT released by the UFC


Early in the week a rumor began circulating that heavyweight Pat Barry and featherweight Nam Phan had been released by the UFC. Both are exciting fighters who a riding losing streaks, but both released statements that they had in fact not been released, at least not yet:

Reports circulated this weekend stating that both fighters had been released from the organization following recent losses, however, both fighters refuted those reports to

Brian Butler-Au, Barry's manager, said UFC matchmaker Joe Silva told him Sunday morning that Barry was not cut, while Phan, who manages himself, said UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby recently told him the same.

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Roberto Silva site profile image  

12/27/13 6:38 AM by Roberto Silva

I respect Barry he's a great fighter just annoying when know it when arrogant dudes say stuff like, "you do realise he was in k-1 before the UFC".No shit you would have to be deaf to not know that, if you've ever watched him fight it's all Rogaine and Goldielocks ever talk about along with Sam Stouts elite kickboxing record, or Martin Kampmann the Danish Kickboxing champion.Hope he drops to 205, he will be deadly, possible UFC Champion in 2 years time. If no one can take him down and his cardios good they're in big trouble at 205.

bigbenpie site profile image  

12/27/13 5:47 AM by bigbenpie

You can say what u want, just don't be an arrogant dick about it dude. Pat is a great dude and I hope to see him go to 205 and whoop some ass. War HD!!

JosselEmin site profile image  

12/27/13 5:08 AM by JosselEmin

Are u listening to a guy from sherdog whom came here to fuck the UG ?

Yussarian site profile image  

12/27/13 4:59 AM by Yussarian

Some guys you watch regardless of what the outcome will be, and although you like to see them win again and again, you'll stick with them anyways. I have the same thing when I watch BJ Penn. We have no quarrel here, I think you can comment all you want to this discussion (If we'd all agree, then there would be no discussion). I am not trying to sell you anything, just like to see those guys fight.

Roberto Silva site profile image  

12/26/13 8:59 PM by Roberto Silva

Fuck walmart but I can't say that cos I don't work for or own them etc same difference fucktards

Roberto Silva site profile image  

12/26/13 7:30 PM by Roberto Silva

Lol please look at Barry's k-1 record his best win is against Gary fucking Goodridge seriously he has no top level experience against any top k-1 gory strikers. Please name them if I am wrong. Oh wait you cant, or anyone near that pedigree stop fucking kidding yourself fans. Oh so I Can't comment cos I'm not in the UFC. That's like saying I can't say a movie isn't that great cos,I'm nt a director or an actor.

Roberto Silva site profile image  

12/26/13 3:42 PM by Roberto Silva

Pat Barry Heavyweight Champ 2015Bellator

Roberto Silva site profile image  

12/26/13 3:35 PM by Roberto Silva

Not a massive Barry fan but would rather see him go to some other org like Bellator get some wins, not get knocked out again any time soon. Don't think Dana is doing him any favours by keeping him in the UFC unless he gives him some favourable match ups cos the fans like his style. Needs to up his ground game then come back.I wouldn't recommend kick boxing to anyone who has been knocked out as much as Barry. Think how fucked Peter Aerts brain must be with all those fights and sparring on top for decades

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

12/26/13 2:51 PM by JimmersonzGlove

Great news..War BARRY!!!  

Sisu site profile image  

12/26/13 1:58 PM by Sisu

Can't wait to see HD tear it up at lhw