White: Bigfoot TRT fail ruined fight for me


After Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva fought their hearts out at UFC Fight Night 33, an ecstatic UFC president Dana White gave each fighter their show money, their win money, the Fight of the Night performance bonus, who knows what locker room bonus, all the respect in the world, and joked he would buy each an island.

Then "Bigfoot" Silva tested positive for an elevated level of testosterone. He lost his win money, he lost his "of the Night" bonus, he is suspended for nine months, and he is NEVER getting his own island, as White detailed after the UFC 168 pre fight press conference.

"It bummed me out," said White, as transcribed by MMAFighting. "I was bummed out. I loved that fight so much -- loved that fight. I can’t remember, tell me the last time you saw two heavyweights go at it back and forth like that ever. It’s been a long time. I was bummed out."

“Here’s what happened. So, I told you we test the s--- out of these guys that are doing TRT. We gave [Bigfoot] his last test the week of the fight, he was perfect. He took another shot to put him over. And, what does that extra shot really do for you? What does it really do for you the week of the fight? It destroyed everything. Now you don’t get the win money. We were giving both guys show and win money. And you won the bonus. Now you lost both your show and win money and your bonus money. Ouch."

"So all of you guys out there that are on TRT -- and it’s legal -- if you want to f--- around and take that shot after you’ve been tested, there’s the consequences. The consequences could not be worse. Now you’re on suspension for a year, you lost your win and bonus money, and I’m sure your sponsors aren't thrilled either.

"Here’s what it does, where [TRT] really helps is in your training. While you’re training it helps you heal faster and all this other stuff. Taking that extra shot the week of the fight just puts your levels up through the roof and doesn’t really give you any extra. If he didn’t take that shot they’d have had the same fight, probably. It just isn’t worth the risk, why risk it? Now you see the consequences."

“It bummed me out. I loved that fight so much. Tell me the last time you saw two heavyweights go at it back-and-forth like that, ever? I mean, it’s been a long time. I mean, I was bummed out.”

When asked if the UFC should consider a wholesale ban on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, White deferred to the State, Provincial, Tribal, and Municipal government run Athletic Commissions that regulate the sport across North America, and other parts of the world.

"We’re always going to do what the athletic commission does," said White. "We’re always going to go with the athletic commission. You think it’s great for me that this guy… I literally, I told you guys how much I loved this fight. Now it ruins it for me."

What about it UG? Did the failed test ruin the fight for you? And what should be done about the abuse of TRT?


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Rambo John J site profile image  

12/27/13 5:59 PM by Rambo John J

Chael Ruined TRT for all fighters. He came in at 16 times the natural limit,  in a fucking Title Fight. DFW, why no mention the worst of the TRT abusers?   How many results are hidden and not reported?

Arlovskis Chin site profile image  

12/27/13 12:39 PM by Arlovskis Chin

Shit didn't see this when I posted. Much more detailed than my explanation.

Arlovskis Chin site profile image  

12/27/13 12:38 PM by Arlovskis Chin

He actually needs it for health purposes due to his giantism. Really surprised at how this isn't being discussed.

AJDavis site profile image  

12/27/13 11:18 AM by AJDavis

Antonios medical condition for doing TRT is also well known. He is probably the Fighter on the whole UFC Roster who has the most Medicaly justified reason for undergoing TRT. That does not mean that he can have Testosterone levels above what a normal human being should have. Not him, nor any other fighter under TRT. That being said, in Antonios case, there are other variables that we do not understand yet. In the following weeks after the fight, he took the same injections, same dosage, on the same relative days, and had himself tested, but was unable to produce the same high Testosterone levels that were shown in the Test done right after the fight. I am not a Dr, and do not understand completely why and what happened. I do know that Antonios Hormone levels are a problem in his everyday life. He has undergone many tests, which have shown a completely berserk hormone panel, caused by his Acromegaly, which is an over production of GH, which also causes under and over production of other Hormones. This is a complex subject in any normal human being, much more in Antonios case. Hopefully, his Drs figure out the facts on how this occured, and are able to show that even having tested with over the limit test levels, this was not done purposely.

epwar site profile image  

12/27/13 10:13 AM by epwar

Holy crap...is it possible to get so much wrong in one post?

C0NAN site profile image  

12/27/13 10:12 AM by C0NAN

And for the record, I think GSP has used PEDs. Between the oft discussed "gut" and the gyno he's gotten from time to time:http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/onwIRCW2Y2k/hqdefault.jpgBut just lol at Dana pretending to care about PEDs in this sport. Professional cycling can implement stringent testing, but the UFC can't. Who the fuck believes that?

C0NAN site profile image  

12/27/13 10:09 AM by C0NAN

Dana White on Georges St. Pierre seeking additional testing:"It's a little weird.""We’re regulated by the government.""He doesn’t have to do it, but I guess he wants to do it. What are you gonna do? Knock yourself out, Georges. Good luck."

Rambo John J site profile image  

12/27/13 10:04 AM by Rambo John J

Nope. His levels are low.  He got plowed by Cain twice while on his "natural levels" He also has been popped for roids in the past. Bigfoot is a Joke.  Probably worthless without the Juice like AO.   TRT allowed him to recover from the 5 beatings mark gave him that night, and also allowed him to damage Hunts hands, hip, etc... Without TRT he may not have lasted 2 rounds. How is that fair to mark Hunt or any of his other opponents?

Cam@Wvt site profile image  

12/27/13 4:42 AM by Cam@Wvt

i think that bigfoot will clear his case he has to sort his levels out because of his Gigantism its a fact that that people with have raised levels

Testosterone 2Epitestosterone site profile image  

12/27/13 4:29 AM by Testosterone 2Epitestosterone

Hell no it didn't ruin it for me at all. And btw, look at bigfoots performance and tell me how TRT is ruining MMA! Without TRT we might not have witnessed such an amazing fight.