Barnett: I rarely watch MMA these days


Josh Barnett, 36, spoke to MMAJunkie ahead of Saturday's main card fight with Travis Browne, and said he doesn't watch much MMA any more, as the fighters don't often enough show a compelling level of skill. He said he'd rather watch a repeat of Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns over Antonio Silva vs. Mark Hunt

Before anyone takes pointed exception to the remarks, consider that Barnett is now in his 17th year of professional fighting.

“I think there’s too much athleticism and too little skill now,” said Barnett. “It’s far easier to be a mediocre skill guy with a lot of athleticism or a skilled guy in one area and so-so in the rest.”

“I say that Travis relies more on athletic ability. He’s improved from his first fight in the UFC, but I think it’s still a case of he knows where his bread is buttered.”

“I’ve seen so many fights in my life at this point, it takes something special to pique my interest. It’s not because I hate watching fights. It’s just a lot of fights don’t intrigue me.”

“Everybody seems to think all you have to do is keep it on the feet and outstrike me."

“I think I’m a skilled fighter, but I’m also a well-rounded athlete. A lot of people look at me as a standup guy because that’s where I’ve won most of my fights. They don’t understand how much wrestling I put into it. I just never had to use it yet.”

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Deaf Forever site profile image  

12/28/13 4:51 AM by Deaf Forever

MMA lacks athleticism if anything. That being said, WAR Warmaster!!! Kill him, Josh.

willienugget site profile image  

12/28/13 2:57 AM by willienugget

Yeah well I used to know this retarded kid that told me he had magic shoes. I just smiled and said, "Sure buddy" then I threw rocks at him until he learned to run.

Attila site profile image  

12/28/13 2:34 AM by Attila

I read the original post in this thread which clearly made it seem like an interview with Barnett only, dummy. UG front page posts are consistently retarded.

LEET060 site profile image  

12/28/13 1:34 AM by LEET060

Josh Barnett said he doesn't even have cable or satellite anymore. He hasn't those for a while

Emperor Nero site profile image  

12/28/13 12:52 AM by Emperor Nero

im a fairly bad poster and i know this its why i picked this bad name but i will say that ive watched a lot of mma fights and ill just focus on one point that , probably because ive seen the earlier ones, i have always thought of barnett as a grappling based fighter but good in all areas, however most importantly i think hes among the most entertaining graplers to watch fight in the mma and i think his style is the pinnacle for how wrestling can be applied to mma in an offensive manner and how it was meant to be like in ancient times of grappling for use on the battlefield very offensive and not too defensive and always working

Fights site profile image  

12/28/13 12:43 AM by Fights

That's not what's being implied when people mention athleticism which is an innate, unlearned talent, not a learned skill. It can be cultivated or left to neglect to varying degrees but it's inherently unjust and unfair. There is no acquiring it after the fact. We all have a hard genetic ceiling that dictates how far we can go, some peoples ceiling is a lot higher than others. The NFL realized years ago that the Wonderlic test might be semi-meaningful for certain positions but really, speed/size/agility counted more.

Bann site profile image  

12/28/13 12:35 AM by Bann

So you missed his point then?Also wtf is Barnett talking about? He wrestle fucks dudes all the time. Rarely uses his wrestling stfu lol.

Bucephalus site profile image  

12/27/13 9:43 PM by Bucephalus

athleticism vs. skill is a false dichotomy. The definition of skill is the ability to do something well. Athleticism, agility and similar traits absolutely refer to the ability to do certain things well.

JohnnyB1 site profile image  

12/27/13 8:23 PM by JohnnyB1

Truth. VU

The Fella site profile image  

12/27/13 8:23 PM by The Fella

I still consider him the baby-faced assassin