UFC 170 poster is cool


During the UFC 168 post fight press conference, Ronda Rousey was announced as the UFC 170 main event, less than two months away. The announcement even had a poster.

Had Rousey lost, an alternate poster had been created, with Cormier vs. Evans most prominent.

This is the poster in higher res:

General consensus is that the UFC 170 poster is badass.

How do you think it compares to some other western, UFC posters?

The UFC has occasionally gone off the reservation with designs, with interesting, even amazing results.


When Ronda Rousey headlined UFC 157, there were both western and Japanese fight posters. This is what the English speaking world saw:

This is what they used in Japan:

For posters that bottle the mind, no one did it better than Japan's Pride.


PRIDE GP 2004 second round poster butterfly

Yes, those are sperm.

So UG, what do you think of the Ronda Rousey headlinging UFC 170 fight poster?

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willienugget site profile image  

12/30/13 4:05 PM by willienugget

Are you serious with that?

gokudamus stole my name iv site profile image  

12/30/13 12:33 PM by gokudamus stole my name iv

"A fucking UFC card, with women getting higher billing than guys like Evans, Cormier and Melendez."Title fight always headlines over non-title.

DallasVanWinkle site profile image  

12/30/13 12:00 PM by DallasVanWinkle

http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080103182525AAklvotNo such thing as mind "bottling".

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

12/30/13 11:59 AM by SQUEEZIE

i think mcmann has a better chance against ronda than cat. if cat cant keep it standing it will be over quick. mcmann has a better shot to defend getting tossed on her back or actually taking ronda down and trying to use lay n pray.ronda by arm-bar over either of them though.

UGCTT_the people's cecil site profile image  

12/30/13 11:35 AM by UGCTT_the people's cecil

Haha very busy unfortunately. and since taking a break, I've ran into 'writer's block' of sorts. With the right fight and ideas, I'll make another poster. Happy new years to you too DS!

Vikingknee site profile image  

12/30/13 10:07 AM by Vikingknee

I still don't understand why rashad had to fight Chael and now Cormier. Not too hyped about that fight. But can't wait to see Daniel at 205

Willo232 site profile image  

12/30/13 10:04 AM by Willo232

Do some research fool, he will make it no problem.

DamnSevern site profile image  

12/30/13 9:21 AM by DamnSevern

yo, where the fuck have you been fren? haappy new year

The Fella site profile image  

12/30/13 5:04 AM by The Fella

Great poster by the UFC - not sure I like how Dana put it up in the post fight presser, pretty much admitting the UFC knew Ronda would defeat Tate.

Posts5035FightsWatched0 site profile image  

12/30/13 4:38 AM by Posts5035FightsWatched0

If Meisha would have won, then they would have done Tate vs Rousey 3 imo.