Bas Rutten explains how an incorrect low kick can break the leg


Saturday night Anderson Silva threw a low kick, and Chris Weidman skillfully checked it with the strongest part of his leg - the knee cap and upper shin of a tightly bent leg. Silva's leg broke in half.

Many fans immediately recalled a video that Bas Rutten had made just over a year before hand, detailing how opening your hips can help prevent the kicker from suffering a broken leg.

"One of the big reasons is to make sure you don't break your shin, because that is OWIE."

 This is not a suggestion that Anderson Silva's technique was lacking, but rather is offered in the spirit of UGers avoiding injury. In fact, Silva's corner reports that after the first round the fighter said he felt a crack. Thus Silva may well have fractured the shin, and then thrown a hard kick with it, albeit without a lot of hip rotation.

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PirateJax site profile image  

12/30/13 12:12 PM by PirateJax

It actually looks like turning over your hip too much is what causes this injury. Not enough and you're probably not going to generate enough force to break the bone. Too much = lots of power and hitting with flat part of bone.But the angle in this case looks more or less like perfect technique. Also if they check the kick, the optimal angle changes, so it seems like the main lesson is set up your kicks so they don't get checked.

Adulterous_Zucchini site profile image  

12/29/13 7:28 PM by Adulterous_Zucchini

He broke both his Tibula and his Fibula completely in two. Those are the only two bones between (not including) the ankle and the knee.

daglord site profile image  

12/29/13 7:22 PM by daglord

But still relevant here. Good post.

Snakey89 site profile image  

12/29/13 6:12 PM by Snakey89

I re watched the fight late last night so I could be wrong but I don't recall Anderson leg kicking Weidman in the first round.

C Willy site profile image  

12/29/13 5:27 PM by C Willy


Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

12/29/13 12:35 PM by Bisping decisioned my SN

Would likely beat? umm he did, he destroyed him. The leg break is a freak injury but the training of leg checks and a perfectly timed check by weidman was no fluke. Even if it didn't snap his leg he would have not thrown anymore kicks his leg would be fucked up regardless. Give some credit to weidman for timing the check perfectly and the domination prior to the injury.

McGregorsIrishCreamAllOverMyFace site profile image  

12/29/13 8:34 AM by McGregorsIrishCreamAllOverMyFace


Bucephalus site profile image  

12/29/13 8:31 AM by Bucephalus

First I was like... ?Then I was like....

Granpa site profile image  

12/29/13 8:24 AM by Granpa

It's depressing to see the GOAT go out like that.

Au Jus site profile image  

12/29/13 6:48 AM by Au Jus

These types of breaks can also be pathological