Kawajiri planning special hold for UFC debut


Tatsuya Kawajiri has long been a star of Japanese mixed martial arts, and has fought 40 professional fights in Shooto, Pride, & Dream. Now Kawajiri is ready to start the next phase of his career in the UFC, something old school fans of MMA are excited about:

"I want to fight minimum three fights a year, but I prefer to fight 4 times this year," Kawajiri says of his short term goals, while maintaining that he's not looking past his first test in Soriano, "I'd like to challenge the featherweight champion as soon as possible."

"What I am going to have to do against a guy like that, is to just keep attacking and attacking, and I won't give him time to attack me," as he talked about how he matches up against the current featherweight champion, "That's the way I have to fight Aldo."

Before anything though, his immediate goal is to stop undefeated prospect, Sean Soriano. A fight where he plans to showcase some new tricks he has up his sleeve.

"I will hit him with a punch, take him down, pass his guard, and then I'll finish him with my special hold called, Kawa-Chan Hold."

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MuayThaiMania site profile image  

1/3/14 10:16 AM by MuayThaiMania

Kawajiri/Gomi 2 in the ufc! Would watch!

AdmiralCackbar site profile image  

1/3/14 10:04 AM by AdmiralCackbar

His first fight with Gil was awesome too. I thought Kawajiri won that fight.

thefunkyfreshFIEND site profile image  

1/3/14 4:58 AM by thefunkyfreshFIEND

Noob yourself much. I think you do.

John M site profile image  

1/2/14 10:58 PM by John M

He may have lost to Eddie, but that fight was absolutely outstanding. I look forward to seeing Kawajiri fight.

Wasa-B site profile image  

1/2/14 10:46 PM by Wasa-B

What i mean by different is from a top arm triangle to anaconda to darce. I dont see much "difference" when its angles or slight position variation in a top triangle as to me that is pretty much a given in any sub esp if you include entries and set ups which im not really focusing on for this purpose - more finishing position of a top arm triangle in nogi/mma. there are probably more variations within the anaconda than top arm tiangle as a guy flat on his back giving up an arm triangle really offers less positional options as someone on their hands and knees for example. i know what you mean but it depends if we're talking details/nuances or take a step back and look broader picture. So in MMA, how many diff top arm triangles have we seen? Even if its from mount as opposed to side, broad stroke, i dont see it as that different.

WarKota site profile image  

1/2/14 10:40 PM by WarKota

I am so excited to FINALLY see Kawajiri in the UFC! He will run through his competition on the road to the championship and'll prove to be a top tier fighter!Also excited to see Katsunori Kikuno and Mairbek Taisumov!!

liquidrob site profile image  

1/2/14 10:10 PM by liquidrob

Go watch how Ryan Hall teaches an Arm Triangle, than watch how Eddie Bravo shows it, than check how Rafa Mendes does it No GiSome big differences actually

donkey guard site profile image  

1/2/14 10:06 PM by donkey guard

Will be great to see him in UFC at 145 which suits his frame better How old is he anyway? Might have a decent run at the title but the top wrestlers could stifle him

Acidic site profile image  

1/2/14 10:04 PM by Acidic

From what I remember there was a disaster in Japan where Kawajiri trained and it happened i believe few weeks before the Melendez fight plus that was at 155

minotauro11 site profile image  

1/2/14 9:49 PM by minotauro11

I don't get why he is only -200 in this fight. Is Soriano better than I think he is? Or is Kawajiri just under rated?