Serra: Weidman made the right move checking the leg kick


Matt Serra is the long-time jiu-jitus coach of UFC champion Chris Weidman, and his win over Anderson Silva at UFC 168 has been discussed in depth since the event. Serra belives that his pupil fought smart and checking the knee as he did was the right technique:

“Why is it odd,” asked Serra when questioned by post-fight at UFC 168. “See, here’s the thing; of course you’d like to have a nice knockout or a nice submission, or a ref stoppage or something like that, but the fight game is like chess, and he [Weidman] made the right move.

“He made the right move. If Chris doesn’t lift that leg up and check it -- like Ray Longo showed him how to -- he’s eating that kick. And here’s the thing about a kick like that; the harder you throw it, the worse for wear you are,” said Serra.

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horsemeat grew my head site profile image  

1/3/14 7:50 PM by horsemeat grew my head

They would be talking about how precisely Anderson checks kicks

horsemeat grew my head site profile image  

1/3/14 7:49 PM by horsemeat grew my head

Perfect analysis GSTR

nhbmark2 site profile image  

1/3/14 6:20 PM by nhbmark2

There is no difference, a check is a this case it just happened to be a perfect text-book example.My mistake.Seeing a few posts it almost seemed like a check is defensive and a destruction ( all though a subtle difference) is an offensivemove.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

1/3/14 3:38 PM by DoomFarmer


MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  


Well maybe me using the word "FLUKE" isnt the right word. Weidman won twice and even up until the leg break in the 2nd fight he was winning. He did the technique perfect, he countered the kick perfect but the chances of that injury happeneing are very low like almost non existent thats why I said flukey. The Coleman/Shogun thing is very similar. Coleman did great, hit the takedown, did everything correctly but its a freak injury you hardly ever see. Very unfortunate endings for Anderson Silva & Shogun.

slowdiver site profile image  

1/3/14 7:12 AM by slowdiver

Nhbmark is cool to volley with. You're right for sure McCain and mma will forever be a part of each other's story. Until Andy's leg busted, I had thought "checking" was solely to minimize damage. I never saw it as an active weapon in its own right.

GodSaveTheReem site profile image  

1/3/14 3:45 AM by GodSaveTheReem

Since a checked kick broke the leg of one of the most beloved fighters of all time. If it was the other way around they would all be talking about Anderson's mastery of the stand-up game and no one would be calling it dirty.

Paranoya site profile image  

1/3/14 3:06 AM by Paranoya

Since when is checking kicks a crime?

dermotfix site profile image  

1/2/14 11:00 PM by dermotfix

I have a feeling Uriah Faber would like to 'destruct' Jose Aldo if he had the chance Then again those kicks were a bit higher

GodSaveTheReem site profile image  

1/2/14 10:55 PM by GodSaveTheReem

I dunno, i think they are both extreme examples of fundamentals. In the case of Chris it is what can happen with a perfectly checked leg kick, and with shogun it was an example of why you never post with your arm when someone is about to slam you.Were both events highly unlikely? Yes...but both were easily explainable and recreate-able. I think flukey is when something is both unlikely and tough to recreate.