Cung Le wants Bisping or Wand in 2014


The three most common bases for MMA are wrestling, Muay Thai, and BJJ. Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Cung Le has thrilled fans with his San Shou based style, and although he turns 42 this year, he has three fights left on his UFC contract, and he intends to do them all.

Lee did not fight at all in 2013, but served as an advisor on “The Ultimate Fighter: China” which shot last year, and is airing now in China.

"I plan to be back this year – 2014, baby,” said Le to MMAJunkie in Singapore. “I’m going to come back and throw my spinning wheel kicks and spinning back kicks and get them throws back on the map again. So don’t worry. I’ll be back.

“I take one fight at a time, but I have three fights left on my contract, and I plan to get all those fights done.”

“Before I got to be part of ‘The Ultimate Fighter: China,’ we were in talks to fight Michael Bisping, and Dana flew me out and said, ‘Hey, I need you to be the mentor-coach and be me in China for the show.' That was a great opportunity, so I was able to wear several hats on the show. Hopefully after this media tour, I’m going to get back into the gym and train like a fighter and see where I’m at.

“I would love to fight Michael Bisping. One, he loves to fight. He comes to fight, and I come to fight, and I think that would just be a great fight for the fans. I’m open, but that will be top on the list.”

The list also includes a rematch.

“I want a rematch against Wanderlei, definitely,” Le said.

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rnunz site profile image  

1/4/14 5:28 PM by rnunz

Uriah Hall

Throwin'Knuckles site profile image  

1/4/14 4:45 PM by Throwin'Knuckles

Why y'all hatin on Cung. He's a Boss .

maxmain site profile image  

1/4/14 4:02 PM by maxmain

I'm sorry, what did you just call him? Is this a new nickname for Le that I missed?

mixjitsu site profile image  

1/4/14 3:21 PM by mixjitsu

Shoulda followed your lead

Poet of Gore site profile image  

1/4/14 2:27 PM by Poet of Gore

i would love to see Wand beat the fuck out of this chinaman again. last time was pretty funny.

RobinHood site profile image  

1/4/14 2:15 PM by RobinHood

How does high school athleticism translate to a 40 year old fat guy? This is about here and now. Bless Le that he isn't juicing b/c a lot of his contemporaries certainly are. Maybe that's the answer for Le's conditioning.

Topsyjt site profile image  

1/4/14 1:48 PM by Topsyjt

I think the Bisping bout would be more entertaining and the "easier" (poor word choice, sorry) of the selection. It also makes the most sense from a promotional point Bisping smack talking and Le being humble would bring in a huge Asian fan base! Just a thought

mixjitsu site profile image  

1/4/14 12:57 PM by mixjitsu

He also calls everyone out especially the guys who's beat him

mixjitsu site profile image  

1/4/14 12:55 PM by mixjitsu

He was a high school state wrestling champ and I forgot what stand up fighting style he was champ in but yah super unathletic right