Silva's surgeon breaks down the procedure


Dr. Steven Sanders, the UFC's orthopedic surgeon, explains the surgery undergone by former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva after his injury at UFC 168.


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Tweener site profile image  

1/3/14 8:03 PM by Tweener

You could watch it on YouTube if you really wanted to see how it's done.But I can tell you that it's mostly drilling with a little hammering. Actually, not so much drilling as reaming. They use a flexible reamer that runs down the shaft of the bone and clears it out, then then put the nail in and depending on how well it goes down, sometimes they'll hammer it down a little bit. It's been a while since I was in on a tibial nailing case; I think they tend to have to hammer those down more often. Femoral nails tend to go in pretty easily and don't often need the impactor device to hammer it down.

biggator site profile image  

1/3/14 5:37 PM by biggator

Ihad this procedure done on my shattered femur a while back and it took 4 years till they removed the rod. I was younger than anderson is now but lower leg heals much faster than the femur.It is a little annoying when cold as shit but otherwise back to es-normal. I train bjj 3 days a week on it and surf, snow ski ect...

Willin site profile image  

1/3/14 4:23 PM by Willin

I'm curious if the bone has to bored out with a drill for the entire length of the shin to install the rod? Or is it inserted into the hollow where the bone marrow is? Disgusting to contemplate but incredible just the same.

The Winter Soldier site profile image  

1/3/14 3:41 PM by The Winter Soldier

Awesome video. Thanks!

emu67 site profile image  

1/3/14 2:56 PM by emu67

If he is that good, that doctor should be famous. Maybe inspire some kids to do that sort of doctoring in the future.Amazing stuff. Like putting a lego mindstorm robot together.

Don_Dada site profile image  

1/3/14 2:24 PM by Don_Dada

Awesome, glad you guys did it's interesting.

dermotfix site profile image  

1/3/14 2:18 PM by dermotfix

Yeah, but wasn't he in a snuff film?

rharris site profile image  

1/3/14 11:04 AM by rharris

Just to be clear, we requested that Dr Sanders do these interviews as we were getting a lot of questions from the press.   He is a brilliant surgeon and an excellent, caring physician.   Reed

easedel site profile image  

1/3/14 11:01 AM by easedel

Something like this.

UGCTT_Blake site profile image  

1/3/14 11:00 AM by UGCTT_Blake

You missed the phrases "may be completely off here" and "seems like" but it's cool, I remember when I was first learning reading comprehension too. Stick with it you'll be fine.