Jones Jr.: Silva's force broke his own leg


Anderson Silva has long expressed a desire to boxing Roy Jones Jr. and supposedly Dana White was game to making it happen. With his injury at UFC 168, the bout is likely not going to happen and Jones recently spoke about the potential fight and injury:

"Never upset because you have to understand that God does all things for a reason. That would be something that would be under his control. Anderson was prepared the best he could. Weidman is just a stronger guy and was getting the advantage. It don't mean Weidman was going to win, but it was looking like it was favorable to his side early. But Anderson was very focused and I've seen Anderson come back before.

So, nothing was kind of out in the fight, it's just that he was so focused. And like I told him, 'Anytime you kick so hard and so fast that you break your leg on another guy's shin, that's pretty fast, pretty hard and focused.' Your force is what actually broke your own leg, you understand me? You had to be pretty on point to be banging like that, you understand where I'm coming from?

So, there's a good side to everything. I went to his bedside yesterday and told him, 'You got to understand, that's beyond your control. Nobody on this planet would have said before that fight that Chris was going to check your kick and break your leg. Nobody on this planet would have said that.'"

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iwatchsomemma site profile image  

1/4/14 8:43 PM by iwatchsomemma

The force of the kick plus Weidman's knee equals divided leg.Can't have one without the other unless that kick into thin air would still break it. lol.

Flame_retardant site profile image  

1/4/14 7:57 PM by Flame_retardant

Who better than a once unstoppable champion who suffered some humiliating losses at the end of his career to offer Silva some advice at this time.You may think Roy is a joke, but he understands exactly what Silva is going through right now.Also, YA'LL MUST OF

TrevorJones22 site profile image  

1/4/14 2:01 PM by TrevorJones22

The thing about this board is people lay it on so thick it's hard to tell who's trolling and who's just a dumbass.RJJ has a good point.

Tiresias site profile image  

1/4/14 1:42 PM by Tiresias

And this just shows that none of these are mutually exclusive.

Kneeblock site profile image  

1/4/14 1:42 PM by Kneeblock

And that one guy on 4Chan.

Choochy site profile image  

1/4/14 1:24 PM by Choochy

No shit

Poet of Gore site profile image  

1/4/14 1:21 PM by Poet of Gore

it was god that did it, but the reason may surprise you. God was saving Anderson from a longer humilatiing beatdown ending in a KO. god was trying to save Anderson's brain from getting rattled around in there.

iCameiLostiRetiredDiaz site profile image  

1/4/14 1:01 PM by iCameiLostiRetiredDiaz

No Roy, Weidman's knee broke Silva's leg

Soup and Beer site profile image  

1/4/14 12:45 PM by Soup and Beer

I think you give him too much credit calling it magical but since Longo broke opponents legs in the exact same manner, it's reasonable to assume he thought it could happen in this fight a well.

CapnKindBud site profile image  

1/4/14 9:47 AM by CapnKindBud

Bad form on the hard kick knee to shin check = gumby leg. Who cares? Or Silva tried to kick an American and forgot that our young champion was made of steel!!!