Justin Wren starts a new year Fighting for the Forgotten



In October, Justin Wren left the comfort of the USA, and headed for the Congo. He will spend the next year trying to free 1,000 Mbuti Pygmy slaves. His Fight for the Forgotten project aims to barter their freedom, move them onto already-purchased land, and teach them self-sustainable skills.

Wren's story is being being chronicled by SI MMA writer and New York Times bestselling author Loretta Hunt. Howard Books, the Christian imprint of Simon & Schuster, has bought the book, which will be titled Fight for the Forgotten.

In November Wren had to overcome Typhoid Fever, Malaria, and diarhea, the three greatest killers of the MButi people, who suffer from perhaps the shortest lifespan on Earth.

Wren spent New Years Day in far happier circumstances, via Twitter.

Justin Wren UFC ‏@JustinTheViking

I dare you not to have ur heart-warmed! The Congo/Swahili version of "This little piggy went..."

When your the only man with long hair these kids ( and adults) have ever seen... Your gonna get your hair-did! #CongoFun #IloveTheseKids

This is why it was grown, the Pygmies will love it. :) They said my beard was the softest hair they felt, now head hair.

You can't be on the wrong path if the steps you have taken are because the love of God led you there.


For more information, please check out fightfortheforgotten.com/


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BubblesNS site profile image  

1/17/14 3:09 PM by BubblesNS

God looks down and sees Justin Wren and says, "this is how its done." You are a great, great man. You act and speak about your pygmy family how i act and speak about my son: pure love.

jessethekid site profile image  

1/17/14 2:20 PM by jessethekid

Hey Justin, I was wondering if you could give me some info on how to get involved with something like what you are doing right now. Need any company in the Congo? lol I'm at point in my life where I don't really have any attachments to where I am at and I have always wanted to travel abroad and help others in some way, and there is no time like the present.It would be a humbling and educating experience! Keep up the amazing work :)

justinthevikingwren site profile image  

1/5/14 1:17 AM by justinthevikingwren

Not just "resource rich," but the RICHEST of all countries. They sit on 27 trillion dollars of untouched precious metals. This is an absolutely stunning country with beauty, but overwhelmed by unsurpassed greed and corruption. The UNDP's HDR (United Nations Development Programs-Human Development Report) states that Congo is the most underdeveloped nation in the world with the poorest people in the world, despite being the richest in natural resources.  It's a good point to be raised, that's why I'm lucky to be flying under the radar... During negotiations with price on land or anything with government officials I am normally (and purposely/strategically) MIA, and my team is great at negotiations. I have a team of 4 Congolese (3 with Masters in development with 8 years experience with the Pygmies, and 1 with a doctorate and 26 years working with the Pygmies) that are great. In fact, the work I've been doing with them the last 3 years has been said to be the only proven to be successful project ever with the Pygmies. Most NGO's show up, blow up, and blow out. That's not how we operate. Most, like Brian stated, is just Dead Aide. That's why we aren't giving men a fish, but teaching them how to fish. Whether it's in digging water wells, they help drill. They farm their food, we give assistance & knowledge. We build our own eco-dome (earthbag home which has a striking resemblance to their huts, at least in being dome-like, which is culturally sound) and once they like it, accept it, then we show them how to build it for themselves.  Fight For The Forgotten doesn't do charity for the "hopeless," we provide opportunity for the hopeful.

justinthevikingwren site profile image  

1/4/14 7:58 PM by justinthevikingwren

Basically this, plus agreements made, legally, with signatures of myself, local (but highly respected) university staff, local chiefs, slavemaster chiefs, Pygmy chiefs, land owners, local governement officals... Handwritten and typed out and copies given to all with the university being the caretaker of the originals that are notarized by other higher up government officials.  Plus, we are giving the slavemasters something. In past, I villianized them. I shouldn't have, in some cases (In others, they are villians). However, Fight For The Forgotten has decided to bless the mess out of the slavemasters and their families. When we drill a water well for the Pygmies, we will first (in most cases) drill a well for the slavemasters. This is the number one killer of BOTH tribes, unclean water, and will reduce 80% of sickness and disease for the people who get clean water :-) This, plus the purchase of land from the slavemasters, plus the agreements, plus the further community development efforts of both tribes will keep the peace. That is our hope, our prayer, and our dream. 

justinthevikingwren site profile image  

1/4/14 7:45 PM by justinthevikingwren

Be nice... I didn't know what to think about her, especially with all the horrible things that were said about her. THEN I met her. Completely opposite of the things that were said about her. She is super nice, makes incredible food, over-the-top hospitable to guest, she honestly is an absolutely amazing wife, her and her husband are awesome to each other, they are easy to laugh with, she is easy to talk to and tell my stories too, and she is an accomplished New York Times Best Selling Author who is going to help get my story and cause out to the world... And in turn help me give a voice to my family. My dealings with Loretta Hunt have never, ever, been anything other than positive. So, I think you're just smelling your upper lip or something... ;-)

RondaHonda'dmymangina3744 site profile image  

1/4/14 6:38 PM by RondaHonda'dmymangina3744

Justin, I was just wondering do you still train at all, or what do u do to stay healthy and strong?

Brian J DSouza site profile image  

1/4/14 6:27 PM by Brian J DSouza

There are many books on the situation in Africa. Some controversial, others more historical. I recommend starting with "Dead Aid."It takes educated action to bring lasting change: http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Aid-Working-Better-Africa/dp/0374139563/

WeidmanCheckedMyAss site profile image  

1/4/14 4:40 PM by WeidmanCheckedMyAss

Yeah,the point I was making was,what if the slave owners just go out & capture more slaves after releasing some.

Brian J DSouza site profile image  

1/4/14 6:04 AM by Brian J DSouza

Bigger question is, why does underdevelopment occur in resource-rich regions like the Congo?The politics are the biggest impediment to progress, and any discussion about problems in Africa needs to tackle the rampant corruption among politicians and elites.

Chomas site profile image  

1/3/14 10:26 PM by Chomas

Justin gets my vote for human being of the year. Much respect.