TUF winner Pena vs. Andrade booked for UFC 171


Juliana Pena won the first ever season of the Ultimate Fighter with women, and now is set to make a quick return to the Octagon at UFC 171:

Julianna Pena, the Ultimate Fighter 18 winner, will make her non-TUF UFC debut against Jessica Andrade at UFC 171 on March 15 in Dallas. Pena became the first-ever women’s Ultimate Fighter winner when she steamrolled Jessica Rakoczy in the final last month.

She will not have an easy time against Andrade, who is coming off a victory against women’s MMA veteran Rosi Sexton in October. The 22-year-old Brazilian is a solid prospect with a 10-3 record and nine of her wins coming via finish. She has a loss in the UFC, but it’s to former No. 1 contender Liz Carmouche back in July.

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JJLong site profile image  

1/11/14 5:53 PM by JJLong

I believe Meltzer implied that Miesha wanted 125 as the second division brought in so that she could essentially be the Ronda of that division.

Chromium site profile image  

1/11/14 4:52 PM by Chromium

Realistically I think the UFC is going to concentrate on 135 and 115 for now, and 115 isn't officially launching until the TUF 20 Finale in late November or early December or thereabouts. W125, despite being an official division in the Unified Rules, would be the first time the UFC has launched a division in-between two other divisions, so it may be a bit awkward. A major star like Miesha Tate being used as a centerpiece fighter would help though. I'd put her in a mini-tournament or something.

BrCutter site profile image  

1/11/14 3:19 PM by BrCutter

What are the chances lookin like for a 125 division?

Chromium site profile image  

1/11/14 6:05 AM by Chromium

Likely those. Miesha too, as mentioned, and she'd be the centerpiece. Probably not Pena at this point, particularly since she and Miesha are teammates. There's also some more people they could certainly hire: Julia Berezikova, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Rhiannon Thompson, Kalindra Faria, Tina Lähdekmäki, maybe Colleen Schneider and Brenda Gonzales. Marianna Kheyfets would be a nice pick up too if she got back in the game and picked up a win on the indies first. Anyway as the UFC is struggling to make more stars, adding two more women's divisions instead of just the Strawweights could help. Miesha as the Women's Flyweight Champion could definitely be a draw, and a decent W125 Champion could co-main a PPV or headline a Fight Night at least.

Genghis84 site profile image  

1/11/14 2:47 AM by Genghis84

^ Miesha mentioned this in a recent interview... http://msn.foxsports.com/ufc/story/tate-reflects-on-rousey-and-the-snubbed-handshake-and-her-ufc-future-010914Her buddy Julianna would possibly follow here there as well.

JJLong site profile image  

1/11/14 2:37 AM by JJLong

I think Miesha Tate would move down for sure.

Genghis84 site profile image  

1/11/14 2:23 AM by Genghis84

If the UFC created a 125 division tomorrow, how many of the current 135ers would move down? I bet Modafferi, Rakoczy, Correia, Albu, and Andrade all make the switch without even thinking.

Genghis84 site profile image  

1/11/14 2:06 AM by Genghis84

My guess is Pena will sub her in the 1st.

Genghis84 site profile image  

1/11/14 2:05 AM by Genghis84

Claudia is going to have a very hard time on the next TUF. She's going to have to cut weight four times in six weeks, and hope that her performance doesn't suffer. Can she do that? I'm not so sure. Won't be shocked if she ends up having her own "Sharkbait" type moment on the season. And Joanne Calderwood is clearly a huge strawweight. She has dwarfed almost ever opponent she's fought... with some looking almost two weight classes smaller. I can see the show's format possibly taking its toll on her by the end.

pegson123 site profile image  

1/10/14 10:36 PM by pegson123

Andrade last like 6 fights are at 135 or above.