Joe Ellenberger inks 4-fight UFC contract


When Joe Ellenberger makes his UFC debut, it will be the thrid time twin brothers have fought in the UFC, as he is the twin of veteran welterweight Jake Ellenberger.

Joe has amassed a 14-1 record in regional shows and just signed a four fight deal with the UFC: 

Joe Ellenberger -- the twin brother of UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger -- has signed a four-fight deal with the UFC. Or rather, he has finally signed a deal to fight with the UFC, realizing a long held dream that for a long while never felt attainable.

The 28-year old Nebraska native Ellenberger (14-1) was diagnosed with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) -- a rare disease that destroys red blood cells -- in 2009, right after he'd ran his professional fight record to 10-0. Doctors told him at the time not only that he'd never fight again, but that chances are he wouldn't live to see the age of 30.

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WithoutSpoilersdotCom site profile image  

1/7/14 4:35 PM by WithoutSpoilersdotCom

jake seems like a super nice guy, so im sure his brother is tooi hate jake in the cage tho... not only did he beat my man jake shields, his last fight was boring toobest of luck to the ellenburgers

DasKugs site profile image  

1/7/14 3:56 PM by DasKugs

Still has the condition, just able to treat it. Check out the article I posted earlier and you can read all about it. Pretty interesting.

IZASH INDUSTRY site profile image  

1/7/14 2:11 PM by IZASH INDUSTRY

Thats what I was thinking. I thought he was fighting for his life? If he has signed then I assume he has fully recovered. Good for him.

RondaHonda'dmymangina3744 site profile image  

1/7/14 1:47 PM by RondaHonda'dmymangina3744

So glad he is doing better and very happy to see he is in the UFC!

DasKugs site profile image  

1/7/14 1:34 PM by DasKugs

There's a few more than 3, but regardless, competition will definitely be stepped up immensely. Hopefully he gets a good matchup to start and gets going with some good momentum early on.

b0b0b site profile image  

1/7/14 1:24 PM by b0b0b

i wonder if the expensive meds he takes thin his blood the way as the cheap meds do..would the ac let someone fight who is on this kind of meds ?

Eric_Spicely site profile image  

1/7/14 1:19 PM by Eric_Spicely

14-1 against only maybe 3 guys w winning records I hope he's ready for a different level of competition. Not bashing. Just looked at the guys he's fought.

AwaisTheBass site profile image  

1/7/14 12:40 PM by AwaisTheBass

Nog Bros vs Ellenberger bros vs Pettis Bros vs Assuncao bros !

DasKugs site profile image  

1/7/14 12:05 PM by DasKugs

Here's what's the most intriguing abs inspiring aspect of his UFC debut:"They told me I could never compete in another contact sport for the rest of my life,” he said. “They told me I’d be on a bunch of crazy drugs forever. They told me if I even got in a car accident or anything, I’d be in bad shape because my blood counts were so low and my blood was so thin. And then I guess the research said that I’d probably die before I was 30 years old.”

RICKYB site profile image  

1/7/14 10:09 AM by RICKYB

Mark and Matt Hughes