Pettis: I hope Silva doesn't come back


Anderson Silva's camp has already reported that the former UFC champion would like to fight again after he recovers from his broken leg. One person who would rather not see him come back is UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis:

"I hope he doesn’t [come back] because why?" Pettis told Yahoo Sports Tuesday night at a Monster headphones event as part of the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show. "His legacy is already fulfilled. What’s he going to come back and win the belt? He’s done what he’s going to do in the sport."

While he wasn't cageside at UFC 168 for Weidman vs. Silva 2, Pettis was watching the fight as it happened live from his Milwaukee sports bar.

"I couldn’t even watch it," Pettis added. "It was disgusting. It sucks because he’s one of the greatest of all-time. He’s the Muhammad Ali of MMA and the way he went out sucks."

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BigTedBear site profile image  

1/9/14 12:22 PM by BigTedBear

I would understand if Anderson retired but I can also understand him wanting to come back just to prove that he can that said I can't see him finishing that 10 fight deal he signed. I would imagine he might have a fight then see how he feels just hope he isn't pressured into returning to soon.

supersaiyan site profile image  

1/9/14 12:18 PM by supersaiyan

if he comes back...all the opponents are going to practice shin-check techs

TwentyNineTwentyEight site profile image  

1/9/14 11:32 AM by TwentyNineTwentyEight

I agree 100%.

Soup and Beer site profile image  

1/9/14 11:18 AM by Soup and Beer

It still makes zero sense that Silva is talking about returning.  I have no idea what their motivation would be beyond a little more cash to thrown on the pile.  Silva already was bored of fighting and said it was probably his last fight win or lose.  After remaining champ to the point of boredom, why come back after a leg break just to fight other guys who don't have the belt?

RondaHonda'dmymangina3744 site profile image  

1/9/14 10:03 AM by RondaHonda'dmymangina3744

Pettis has been hurt more than Andy and Andy is like 20 years older than Pettis lol. 

palfor03 site profile image  

1/9/14 10:02 AM by palfor03

He's a grown man. If he wants to fight, let him. Geez.

JoeDavolasRoundhouseKick site profile image  

1/9/14 9:55 AM by JoeDavolasRoundhouseKick

I'd love to watch Fedor come smash Schaub. Or Chuck crush Tim Kennedy.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

1/9/14 9:54 AM by Mix6APlix

Pettis has horrible tattoos.

notsobigmike site profile image  

1/9/14 9:34 AM by notsobigmike

I understand the desire to compete, but from a fan's perspective, who wants to see a legend fight past his prime and either lose to the top guys, or beat up on mid-level guys?

iwatchsomemma site profile image  

1/9/14 8:08 AM by iwatchsomemma

Silva will get more losses if he comes back, two maybe three.That flash ko in rd1 of the last fight seems to be pretty telling.He won't be as cocky and won't offer his head as a punching bag anymore.He now knows his limits and so does the opponent.A few fights with mid-tier is ok but against Top 5 he might get sent to retirement by force.But I could be wrong.