Kampmann taking hiatus from MMA


Martin Kampmann has fought seventeen times in the Octagon since debuting in 2006, but after two TKO/KO losses in a row, the long time welterweight veteran is taking some time off:

“I’ve had a lot of tough fights, and even the ones I win, I sometimes make them tough for myself,” Kampmann told MMAjunkie Radio. “I’m just taking a long break. No rush to get back in the cage. Let my body recover and get good.

“I’m just going to kick back, and whenever I feel like coming back, I’ll come back.”

With the 11-year anniversary of his MMA debut quickly approaching, Kampmann has started to realize how much of his life has been dedicated to combat sports in general. By no means does the Danish athlete have regrets about his career choice, but at the same time, he’s aware his passion isn’t the same as what it once was. In his opinion, that’s one telltale sign to take some time off.

“I enjoy fighting, but I’ve just had my 10-year anniversary as a professional fighter,” Kampmann said. “I feel a little burned out right now. That’s why I’m taking a break. I don’t want to get in there unless I feel like it. I love training, I love fighting, but I want to have the fire again to go in. If I don’t have the fire, then I think that means I need to take a break.”

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Senester site profile image  

1/9/14 11:48 PM by Senester

Welter weight is a Hard division to keep your head in! Everyone's dangerous and most guys can do everything, cardio, speed, strength, knockout power etc.

LesterGreen site profile image  

1/9/14 10:56 PM by LesterGreen

the most exciting fighter in MMA. Hope he comes back soon

Heikki Mustola site profile image  

1/9/14 7:01 PM by Heikki Mustola

When I think about words "jack of all trades" and "MMA" Martin Kampmann immediatelly comes in to my mind. Has damn exciting fights, hopefully he enjoys life and gets his fire backSeems like lately lots of fighters have said that they have lost that fire...

BRMF site profile image  

1/9/14 6:55 PM by BRMF

Sad to see someone who consistently entertains go but it's for the best if he's not totally into it.I assume Woodley will jump to #10 in the rankings now?

Kong Morten site profile image  

1/9/14 6:52 PM by Kong Morten

I live in Aarhus aswell so you are not alone :) But I completely agree. If everybody knew about this guy, nobody woould care about Mikkel Kessler :)This guy has given us some of the sickest fights in UFC.

CaptChaos site profile image  

1/9/14 6:47 PM by CaptChaos

Kampmann probably had the hardest schedule of difficulty in the UFC outside of a very small group of fighters. His Power Ranking is very high.Very well rounded Mixed martial artist and always classy! Regroup bro. You deserve it!

Darth Ryase site profile image  

1/9/14 6:47 PM by Darth Ryase

Another generation of fighters coming to an end.

Bam57Bam site profile image  

1/9/14 6:45 PM by Bam57Bam

If true hopefully he'll give us at least 2 more fights down the road.

Poet of Gore site profile image  

1/9/14 6:17 PM by Poet of Gore

cliffs: he is gonna work on his ebonics

RKing85 site profile image  

1/9/14 5:26 PM by RKing85

I honestly think this is something more MMA fighters should do. Recharge mentally and physically.