Most common subs in UFC history, graphically displayed


Ever wonder what submissions are the most commonly used in the UFC? UGer Tycho did, so he counted em, and here are the results in graph form.

Tycho explains his methodology:
I counted all these manually by looking through records from Sherdog and Wikipedia. I counted and added and graphed them using excel. When I had video footage available, which was often, I would view the submission, especially if it seemed weird somehow. I usually try to fit a submission into an existing category, unless it seems significantly different. An armbar from guard and an armbar from mount are the same. I didn't originally want to list "Triangle Armbar" as a submission but it turns out they are fairly common. Because I do not take from the records verbatim, this is an interpretative study, and hence almost certainly contains errors. So don't take this as 100% accurate.

What is a submission?
A submission is a way to finish a fight without strikes. Techniques are from BJJ, Judo, and other grappling disciplines. Tapping to strikes, injury, fatigue or frustration are not submissions. "Technical submissions" as stopped by refs are counted. Submissions are, where possible, counted even if the official result was later overturned to NC, though I can't be sure I caught all of these.

Submissions are listed on the pie graph if they comprise at least 10% of subs from that time period. Otherwise they are listed in "Other".

Every fight and every sub in the UFC's history:

“Choke” and “Armlock” are what the official records show. Were possible I watched the fight to define it more precisely eg "Choke" becomes RNC upon viewing. These early records are spotty and not very reliable.

These fights all took place under the modern, unified rules. I lumped them together because there are so few compared to future events.









Top 20 Submissions in UFC History:

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1/14/14 3:28 PM by Tycho

Thanks! Glad so many people like it.

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1/14/14 2:14 PM by Another Foob

Voted up, for amazingness! Nice work.

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1/13/14 10:46 PM by shb

surprised that there are more armbars than triangles

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1/13/14 8:42 PM by Seul

Ttt to vote you up for a few days, very nicely done.

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1/13/14 5:44 PM by The Winter Soldier

Awesome work. Thanks!

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1/13/14 4:51 PM by Haulport

The amazing thing is that I was just asking myself this question last week and viola! the OP produces!!!VU!

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1/13/14 4:32 PM by New2MMA

Awesome breakdown OP!!!

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1/13/14 4:18 PM by The Sultan

A lot of work went in to this. VU just fkr that brah.

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1/13/14 4:17 PM by timmyfront

Great info. Very useful to show folks who want to go for exotic subs that the bread and butter stuff makes the best foundation.I would love to see a breakdown like this for Shooto. I bet there'd be quite a few more leg locks in that one.

HULC site profile image  

1/13/14 3:06 PM by HULC

^ One of the first things i noticed to. Extremely few leglocks at all, and not a single gogo or oma. Maybe you really do only need a very basic subs game to do well in this sport.