Team Sonnen coaches scared for their safey


Team Sonnen is currently in Brazil taping the third season of the Ultimate Fighter Brazil opposite Wanderlei Silva. According to the UFC President Dana White, the tension in the gym is legit:

“From what I have heard, the first day of filming was absolute insanity. Basically, it’s so crazy down there that the guys that are coaching on Chael’s team are scared to be there. That’s how insane it is inside that gym,” said UFC president Dana White following UFC Fight Night 35 on Fox Sports 1.

Prior to his UFC 167 bout with Rashad Evans, Sonnen spoke with in a video interview about the concerns of coaching in a country he’s offended on multiple occasions. Over the past three years, he’s insulted Brazil as a nation, their culture and their most revered fighters. On two separate occasions, a Brazilian fan has attempted to assault Sonnen in the U.S.

“The threats are very real, and we downplay them if anything. They’re real and genuine. Attempts have been made. It’s just the way it goes. I’m not going to live my life in fear. I don’t live in fear,” said Sonnen.“I don’t think about it a whole lot. Again, it’s a real thing. I recognize it. That’s it.”

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nogidavid site profile image  

1/18/14 4:18 PM by nogidavid

can think of quite a few countries i could say that about...

camozzi site profile image  

1/18/14 12:57 PM by camozzi

Thanks. We should have something soon!

camozzi site profile image  

1/18/14 12:57 PM by camozzi

I'm not sure

On the Mat site profile image  

1/18/14 11:43 AM by On the Mat

When I lived in Rio I was on the 2nd Page of O'Dia news paper called the Yankee Conquistador for chasing so many girls. After that i was approached & threatened by people on the streets, in restaurants, everywhere. People were pissed. They yelled a lot LOL.But no one ever did anything. They were hot headed but not crazy.Im sure they are getting a lot of heat but doubt anything happens. Hope not

Dale_Gribble_BJJ site profile image  

1/18/14 9:34 AM by Dale_Gribble_BJJ

It's all part of the WWE roll play. If they really were that pissed at Sonnon, guys would of came in there shot everyone that was not Brazilian, and it would of became International news. Good marketing DFW!!

time traveling 12er site profile image  

1/18/14 9:26 AM by time traveling 12er

When I went to Brazil I found it pretty scary.  It didn't help that the in flight entertainment included a travel advisory video that mentioned that Brazil is one of the most dangerous places to travel to and that you should never continue to drink something that has left your sight for any period of time because it might be drugged.

Entreri site profile image  

1/18/14 9:17 AM by Entreri

Some loser fool tried to assault Chael twice in the US? Throw away the key. What weaklings who can't take a few insults.

JoeDavolasRoundhouseKick site profile image  

1/18/14 9:10 AM by JoeDavolasRoundhouseKick

How about news that there are two top notch championship contenders in the house. Not D-level wrestlers/kickboxers.

InconsiderateSerra site profile image  

1/18/14 9:07 AM by InconsiderateSerra

You guys do understand that Brazil has a huge segment of the population that is about as socially and culturally mature as a given horde of Arabs, right? Comes as no surprise to me that he's encountering acts of monkeydom down there.

SUPER HLUK site profile image  

1/18/14 3:57 AM by SUPER HLUK

Yeah. I'd vote up if I wasn't on a phone.