Davis ready to fight, just waiting for an opponent


Phil Davis is on an impressive three fight win streak in the lightheavyweight division, but has been inactive since August, although according to his coach it's because Davis hasn't wanted to fight:

"It's not because Phil doesn't want to fight," Del Fierro explained. "Phil's ready to fight. We're just not getting the fight."

Del Fierro believes Davis is due for an upgrade in opposition. According to the UFC's rankings, Davis currently stands at no. 4. At a minimum, Del Fierro believes Davis should be fighting a top 5-ranked opponent, but acknowledges that may be tough. Opponents could be willing to turn down Davis and at this point, too much time has passed for them to not keep Davis active.

"Phil's in a position where he should be fighting a top 5 guy. We're just not getting those guys. People are out there not wanting to fight Phil as well," Del Fierro said.

"At this point, does he just take a top 20 guy and just say, 'Hey, I need to stay busy'? Obviously that's something we need to consider at the same time because he just needs to get back in there." 

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EckY site profile image  

1/20/14 11:29 AM by EckY

Zero interest in a Phil Davis fight.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

1/20/14 8:27 AM by KingofBJJ

He did, I just said some stuff to get this idiot riled up. And it worked because he didn't notice that until he second post after he already got all hot and bothered.

Sortilege site profile image  

1/20/14 7:24 AM by Sortilege

Joe Silva's reasoning was that Vince was 10-1 in the last 3 years so he wanted to give him a step up in competition & keep Phil Davis busy at the same time.Ovince has never turned down a fight, the same could not be said of other fighters...But then again, what do I know? I'm just a coach...

IronWill site profile image  

1/20/14 12:55 AM by IronWill

No, just no. Davis is looking great lately but a win as controversial as his over Machida does not earn you a title shot. He needs to fight someone in the top ten/top five preferably and win in dominant fashion, then he has earned his shot.Even if it is just a boring UD.

TSMontana site profile image  

1/20/14 12:54 AM by TSMontana

I thought Rashad beat Davis?

SurenoBlue site profile image  

1/20/14 12:52 AM by SurenoBlue

I assumed wrong than. My bad.And yeah. We would all be rooting for Shogun my brother:)Im just saying, the fight is bullshit and no one wants it. We all know what would happen. And i dont want to see what momentum Shogun has right now derailed by a boring wrestler who would just be attempting to "neutralise" him.I want to see Shogun go on a run and get back into permanent vintage form like Vitor was able to. I want to see Shogun gain back confidence as a world beater....You feel me?Shogun vs Nog. Davis vs Minua/GusOr Davis vs warm up fightLet the division play it self out I think thats the best thing to do right now

SurenoBlue site profile image  

1/20/14 12:49 AM by SurenoBlue

KingofcockDavis LOST to Rashad and he shouldve lost to Machida. And he didnt deserve the win over NogAlso we all know Jones lost to GusThe black fighters you obsessively worship, looked inferior to non black fighters. Let that eat away at you you racist faggot troll

SurenoBlue site profile image  

1/20/14 12:43 AM by SurenoBlue

Jones, youre great black hope, got worked over by the VIKING Gus. Let that continue to eat away at youSee how that works!Youre delusional and a racist. VTFD for being one of the worst posters here.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

1/20/14 12:35 AM by ChaosOverkill

It's Thiaguy don't mind him, if you don't have wet dreams about Shogun giving you a bukkake treament his schtick is that you obviously hate him.

jmont site profile image  

1/20/14 12:17 AM by jmont

I donno what your talking about, I would route for shogun if they fought