'Cowboy' Cerrone: I've never heard of my opponent


Donald 'Cowboy" class="Newslink">Cowboy' Cerrone spoke with Ariel Helwani ahead of his fight with Adriano Martins Saturday night at UFC on FOX 10 live on free television.

Cerrone is a top-10 lightweight, a precarious spot where a win can mean a title shot is tantalizingly close, and a loss means the ladder just turned into one the NYPD uses to get half way up a skyscraper.

Thus most fighters try to choose an opponent carefully, where a win is huge, and a loss not so bad. With seven 'of the Night' performance bonuses, Cerrone has earned theat right. But Cowboy is not most fighters.

He said he's going to fight six times in 2014.

"If there's anybody on the bench that wants a fight, Cowboy will fight you," he said. "I'm not trying to protect my ranking - 'oh I'm in the top 10 I don't want to fight you.' You want to fight, let's fight."

Not only did Cerrone mean it, he doesn't even know who his opponent is.

"Never heard of him. Don't care," Cerrone told Ariel Helwani. "Saturday night he better show up."

Martins a Brazilian black belt in BJJ on a six-fight win streak, is coming off of wins last year over Jorge Gurgel in Strikeforce, and Daron Cruickshank in the UFC. Like a good tactician, he was pleased by the remarks.

“I think that’s positive that he hasn’t seen my fights," Martins told MMAjunkie. "Because I’ve seen his. It gives me an advantage. It’s going to be a tough fight. One of us is going to come out on top with his hand raised, and I think it’s going to be me, and I hope it’s going to be me.”

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FreightTrain site profile image  

1/24/14 9:51 PM by FreightTrain

Guess Cerrone wont be studying his tapes...

Effstrikingmeansdamage site profile image  

1/24/14 9:47 PM by Effstrikingmeansdamage

Did he call h a nobody? I didn't see that. I thought he just said he'd never heard of him. He didn't know who he was. He did say whoever it is better be ready to fight. I didn't see anything disrespectful

Effstrikingmeansdamage site profile image  

1/24/14 9:44 PM by Effstrikingmeansdamage

That's so true. He's freakin black and white man. When he's on he seems unstoppable, but when he's not, he just freezes. It's gotta be setting mental cuz his abilities are incredible.

yellow wrkahlc is dead site profile image  

1/24/14 8:21 PM by yellow wrkahlc is dead

Left.It's left, isn't it.

RattleCaT site profile image  

1/24/14 7:12 PM by RattleCaT


JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

1/24/14 5:43 PM by JimmersonzGlove

Good way to build up a fight

WeidmanBrokeTheLEGend site profile image  

1/24/14 5:40 PM by WeidmanBrokeTheLEGend

You seem like an awfully bright young man. See if you can figure out which way I voted ya

Bann site profile image  

1/24/14 5:31 PM by Bann

Can't wait to move to America huh?

Aequare site profile image  

1/24/14 2:25 PM by Aequare

Well you will you you american fagget!

joseito site profile image  

1/24/14 1:47 PM by joseito

I thought Cowboy made a call to get a earlier fight,if that's the case who cares who he's fighting,don't disrespect your opponent........ It would be funny if the "nobody" beats Cowboy.