Napao takes 6 with RevGear


RevGear spoke with UFC heavyweight Gabriel 'Napao' Gonzaga, ahead of his fight with Stipe Miocic Saturday night on the main card of UFC on FOX 10.

RevGear: What was your first experience with Martial Arts?

Gabriel Gonzaga: I started and began to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for self-defense at the age of 14 years old when I was a teenager in Brazil.

RG: Which disciplines have you trained before pursuing MMA?

GG: After beginning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training after six years I became a BJJ Black Belt in 1999, and I also did a little boxing for MMA. In 2001, I started training in Muay Thai. I also trained Judo together with BJJ in the past but just not as often.

RG: Who has been the most influential person in your Martial Arts training and career?

GG: Wander Braga was my BJJ Master since 1994 to 1999 from the White Belt to Black Belt. This was my foundation but on the way so many important people helped me

RG: What are 5 training items that you couldn’t do without?

GG: Since I started in BJJ I would say Gi is the first to do BJJ class, it’s part of the basics and is the base for good grappling. Other items include a mouthpiece, Revgear Sentinel Gel Pro Boxing Gloves & Revgear Leather Bag Gloves, hand wraps, and I like wear wrestling shoes to box.

RG: What is your favorite Revgear product?

GG: My favorite Revgear product is the most basic one, and I use them everyday, Revgear Hand Wraps.

RG: What are three things anyone can do to get in shape?

GG: Do some sport, not exercise because the exercise can be boring and the person will be sick off it and stop, but sport has the game side and this helps to keep going. Another thing is to find some friends to do this with. Also, eat small amounts and don’t eat until you get full, eat until you get satisfied.

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1chaino site profile image  

1/25/14 1:38 PM by 1chaino

Probably never will either.

NavyCorpsman Owns Me site profile image  

1/25/14 11:04 AM by NavyCorpsman Owns Me

One of my favorite names Buffer does is Gonzaga. Gabriel NaaaaaaaaPAOOOOOOOOOO GoooooooooonnnZAGAAAAAAAA

cool hand Ed site profile image  

1/25/14 10:50 AM by cool hand Ed

He did a Q and A here on the UG before the couture fight, I belive. He was extremely nice and accommodating to everyone's questions. One guy even asked if his big nostrils have him advantage in getting more oxygen than his opponent or something like that. Gonzaga laughed about it. Good dude.

Dale_Gribble_BJJ site profile image  

1/25/14 9:38 AM by Dale_Gribble_BJJ

I just want to see him schread.

Boobiemiles1986 site profile image  

1/25/14 9:31 AM by Boobiemiles1986

First RD armbar for  Gabe tonight   

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

1/25/14 7:09 AM by ChaosOverkill

5 fights in a year and 5 days. Tough as nails

NavyCorpsman Owns Me site profile image  

1/25/14 6:30 AM by NavyCorpsman Owns Me

War Napaoooooooooooooo!

elgringo site profile image  

1/25/14 3:15 AM by elgringo

About 5 years ago I was in a room with a bunch of fighters and their trainers (Tito Ortiz, his trainers, Razor Rob and Justin McCulley). The mood was good, everyone was happy and upbeat.They were all talking about upcoming fights and what's next in their careers. Tito just got done losing to Machida so he said he will take a vacation, everyone laughed. Razor Rob was getting ready for some Muy Thai thing I think. Then they asked McCulley "What's next for you big guy? Don't you have a UFC fight coming up?"McCulley looked down at the floor, sighed and said "I have to fight Gonzaga". The whole mood of the room changed. Everyone was like "Oh shit, i am soooo sorry" As if the guy just got sentenced to the electric chair.It was funny how everyone reacted to him having to face Gonzaga. Everyone in the room just kept repeating "That guy is a fuckin' beast" and McCulley was just like "yeah I know I know"McCulley got subbed in the first round by Gonzaga.

StephenLangdown site profile image  

1/25/14 1:59 AM by StephenLangdown

Not surprised. He looks stronger than a bear!

Il Duce site profile image  

1/25/14 1:38 AM by Il Duce

Who doesn't love them some Big Nostrils?Shit, where's that gif of him flying into a gym wall?I think Randy said Gonzaga was the strongest guy he tangled with in the octagon.