Jardine aprehends thief after high-speed chase


Keith Jardine ‏@KeithJardine205
Crazy morning! Saw someone take my mail. Chased him down, pulled him out of his car, and waited for cops. True story. #piratelife

Former UFC and Strikeforce fighter Keith Jardine, 38, was working at his home in Albuquerque, NM on his computer when he saw something odd. A car he didn't recognize pull up outside and then...

“I look out the window and I see a car pulling up,” said Jardine.

“Some guy gets out, goes to my mailbox and grabs all my mail, throws it in his car and then speeds off," said Jardine. "I find my keys, run out of the house, jump in my Bronco, and I chase down the street after him."

“I drive up right next to him and I point at him and he speeds off. Then I speed past him and I slammed my Bronco right in front of him and I cut him off.”

“I reached back like I was going to hit him and right then he yielded to everything. I pulled him out of the car.”

The thief said he was just picking up mail for a friend, but when police arrived, they found mail from other houses in the vehicle. Richard J. Davenport, 41, who has prior convictions, was arrested on scene.

“The most cowardly thing you can do is steal from somebody,” said Jardine.


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1/25/14 9:30 PM by GaspareBJJ

Someone shop the TechnoViking in there

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1/25/14 9:20 PM by buvaiser

On a serious note, I'm glad that jardine didn't get hurt bad or killed. Remember the alex gong tragedy.... criminals desperate enough for a wild car chase are dangerous. Rather that he got cops after getting plate numbers. But thats not a cool story like this.

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1/25/14 9:06 PM by Auron Heidenrach

lol nice

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1/25/14 5:34 PM by SevenLeggedSpider

  Whut?       Greg Jackson fighters chase down criminals AND get pics son!!

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1/25/14 4:26 PM by -D0DG3R D0GG13-

THIS^^^^Which of you stalkers wanted to know a little more about him???

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1/25/14 3:09 PM by Kostakio


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1/25/14 3:05 PM by RobinHood

Whatever happened with that fake ass jacker who apprehended 2 robbers prior to a championship fight.At least Keith has photos.

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1/25/14 3:03 PM by Brian Rule

I think this story begs the question "Which UGer is this?"