Dana White: There's nights I beat the casinos for $5,000,000


UFC President Dana White does two things really well: promote fights and play black jack. Promoting fights is his job and playing black jack is a stress reliever. Although most us would probably be stressed playing for the amount of money White plays at the table:

"It's the rush and excitement of all rushes," White told reporters at a Monday media luncheon which was ostensibly meant to promote UFC 169. "What would you do if you put a $50,000 hand up there and you have to split ‘em? There's nights I beat the casinos for $5,000,000."

He grew even more animated when he talked about leaving Palazzo and heading out to the Las Vegas Strip with one of those multi-million dollar hauls, in cash, underneath his arms.

"I'm like, are you serious? We're going to get killed," White said. "They don't have some kind of suitcase where they put the money in. ‘You just beat us, here you go.' That's really the attitude. They just stack it all up there and go ‘thanks, have a great night.' We've had trash bags, we got to the point we started bringing our own bags."

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rbl site profile image  

1/30/14 6:25 PM by rbl

Not every blackjack game is six decks. The casino can basically allow people to count and there's still a strong chance they'll fuck it up and lose money, especially if they can't massively increase bets when the deck is hot.

TeePeeHaych site profile image  

1/30/14 2:56 PM by TeePeeHaych

This is the fucking whiniest thread I've ever seen. It's his fucking money. Have someone you barely know comment on what you do with your money or even worse; have them tell you what to do with it. I guarantee the same reaction from every single one of you fuckers.

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

1/30/14 12:14 PM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

How do you count cards on a 6 deck game?

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

1/30/14 11:54 AM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

Donno why I thought it was this Don^^^ lol

chalice site profile image  

1/30/14 11:37 AM by chalice

dana is just a typical losing gambler bragging about one of his rare big winning nights, lol at anyone who thinks he's on some rain man shit counting cards and actually beating the casinos.i mean when you listen to dana talk does he really seem like the kind of guy who can focus and concentrate on doing math in his head for hours at a time?

chew22 site profile image  

1/30/14 11:29 AM by chew22

I think blackjack odds waver around 52/48 for the house. if dana won $5M one night he likely lost $6M another night.of course we don't know where he played or what betting limits were.

MattyECB site profile image  

1/30/14 7:35 AM by MattyECB

Ya, while basic +/-1 or +/-1/2 counting systems are easy, I somehow doubt the shit out of this

MattyECB site profile image  

1/30/14 7:34 AM by MattyECB

Well considering he's also claimed to have lost a million in one night and considering he's said he won't even tell reporters the worst loss he's ever had, Iunno about that.   Seems more like your usual egocentric, I'm a balla shit from Dana. Not that this is a negative thing, I mean fuckit -- It's his money, he should get to do whatever the fuck he wants with it. I just expect him to be a little more Hangover and a little less Rain Man when it comes to his Vegas antics

MattyECB site profile image  

1/30/14 7:32 AM by MattyECB