Chris Leben has never paid taxes


Middleweight Chris Leben recently announced his retirement from mixed martial arts after nine years in the UFC. In an interview after his announcement, Leben said that he spent most of his earnings on illegal drugs. Leben is now sober, but might have another battle on his hands, this time with the IRS:

UFC president Dana White said Thursday that Leben has "some minor tax issues?? like he's never paid his taxes." That's right. Never. Leben is 33 years old and has been in the UFC since 2005.

"He has years of back taxes to pay," White said at UFC 169 media day at Madison Square Garden.

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CarlClendenin site profile image  

2/10/14 3:54 PM by CarlClendenin

It's the reporter's job to ask, not Dana's to discuss."I'm not going to talk about another man's personal issues that have nothing to do with fighting and/or UFC." said Dana White never.

Stu Cazzo site profile image  

2/10/14 12:38 PM by Stu Cazzo

He disclosed his tax issues.Period

JoeHurley site profile image  

2/10/14 11:53 AM by JoeHurley

Do you honestly think Dana brought it up on his own? You don't think he was answering a question posed to him about it? Now you're going to say "he didn't have to answer or talk about it" but the point is that it was already known and being discussed. If this is so terrible total about then why this outrage for Dana but not one mention of the guy who asked about it and brought up the topic?

CarlClendenin site profile image  

2/10/14 10:12 AM by CarlClendenin

I've seen the article. The entire article. The word tax is only showing up once on my screen in the context of your quote.The article's title isn't about taxes, it's "Chris Leben Interview: Maybe I was meant to go through these struggles to be the man I'm going to be in the future"The point being about Chris transforming as a man, not his taxes. Surely Dana didn't expand on how much money Chris saved in his bank account? And if he did it'd be way out of line here as well?So again, my post to CindyO - please reply. Why, as an employer, would he find the need to take a once-mentioned comment and turn it into a head line? What's next? Discussing which drugs Leben took?

JoeHurley site profile image  

2/10/14 9:40 AM by JoeHurley

I don't agree with Ken's stance on Dana. It's similar to Rampage and others. You do a job, are compensated well, but later are resentful of the return the employer got and make it an issue of respect and appreciation towards you. You hear it with guys saying "i gave him his first shot, he would be nothing without me. I made him!". No, you gave hIm an opportunity and he made the most of it. You didn't make shit. People got paid plenty and wate happy with the deal at the time but now that UFC is huge and Dana has so much more money it becomes "wall i deserve more and he owes me."People rationalize things how the want.

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

2/9/14 10:32 PM by Vulva Fabulous

Thank you for your reasonable reply. I appreciate it. VUIt's funny, when you said Joe, I kept thinking to myself "Which Joe do you mean? Joe Riggs? Joe Rogan?", but then I noticed you replied to JoeHurley :)

PitbullTodd site profile image  

2/9/14 7:49 PM by PitbullTodd

joe use to train with the lions den, maybe he still does. thats the reason i used ken as an example.

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

2/9/14 7:14 PM by Vulva Fabulous

Although I've been called a "shill" earlier in this thread (first time for me ever), trust me when I say that I honestly understand the point that you're trying to make.With that said, I hope you know I'm only saying this to help you. goes nothing. Although we all love "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock, he's simply not the person to have as an example of others that are sick of DFW.They've had a rocky career going back quite awhile. Shammy hates Dana and will go out of his way to shit all over DFW or anything even associated to him.Trust me, I love Kenny to a living death, I really do, but the personal fued that those two gentlemen have had over the last decade, simply nullifies the point you were trying to make.

PitbullTodd site profile image  

2/9/14 5:07 PM by PitbullTodd

LOL it's not just the underground that feels this way about dana white.Ken Shamrock - "So what [you're] saying is that the fighters did not make the ufc what it is today, that disrespectful promoter did all of that. Wow, what a smart guy you are. Why didn't I think of that? Who needs fighters when you can just disrespect the guys who made your promotion and talk trash and make loads of money and not give what is partially the fighters money."

goldenboyart site profile image  

2/9/14 2:35 PM by goldenboyart

You can't Bankruptcy Taxes or school loans away.Chris is fucked, not only will there be the taxes he owes but he'll be fined out the ass. Probably even twice what he owes. People go to prison for this shit. I can think of numerous people including Westly Snipes, Lauryn Hill, Fat Joe, JA RULE just to name a few. When you're talking numbers into the millions even if it's 1.3 million there's a huge possibility he'll do time.Even Joe Riggs got into trouble with the IRS for not paying taxes. He lost everything including his house. He's all legit now but talks about it a lt.Drugs are a fucking hell of a thing. I've been clean for 10 years now and can't tell you all the good close friends I lost and the stupid mistakes I made. Hope he doesn't relaspe. Always been a huge fan