Thiago Silva in custody followed armed stand-off with SWAT team


Thursday night a thread surfaced on the Underground stating that UFC fighter Thiago Silva had been involved in an armed stand off with the police.

Soon news reports from Florida confirming the grim news began to surface:

A Broward Sheriff's SWAT team surrounded an Oakland Park home where a armed man barricaded himself after allegedly threatening people at a jiu-jitsu studio Thursday night, officials said.

The man walked into the martial arts school at 777 E. Oakland Park Blvd. around 7:45 p.m., made unspecified threats and left. No one at the school was injured, investigators said.

He then went to his townhome at 2041 Coral Heights Blvd. and locked himself inside. The SWAT team was called out and a perimeter was set up.

"Based on what I heard, a gentleman was at the Brazilian jiu-jitsu place right around the corner and caused a scene there, barricaded himself into these condos back here and this started about 8 p.m," she said.

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The incident began at an American Top Team school owned by Pablo Popovitch. The address given for the home the man fled to matches up to that of Thiago Silva. It has not been established with certainty why Silva went to Popovitch's school.

While in handcuffs, Silva was asked by a channel 6 reporter why he pulled a firearm on his wife.

Reporter: Did you pull a gun on your wife?

Silva: No.

Reporter: Why did you go there?

Silva: She want my money.

Reporter: It was your money? What happened? Tell me.

Silva: She want my money. She want my house. She want my money.

Silva also flipped off the news camera repeatedly.

Silva remains in custody; charges include aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest without violence, among others.

Silva is an active member of the UFC roster and was scheduled to next fight at UFC 171 in Dallas, Texas versus Ovince St. Preux.

ZUFFA issued a terse official statement:
"This evening, we were made aware of a situation involving Thiago Silva. We are in the process of gathering the facts and have no further comment at this time."

Silva's contract with the company was already tenuous, following repeated instances of missing weight and testing positive for banned substances. It is certain that he will be released from his contract over this.

Information on the arrest is made available to the public:

Arrest Number: 501400892 Arrest Date: 02/06/2014
Race: W Sex: M DOB: 11/12/1982
Height: 602   Weight: 220 Hair: BRO Eyes: BRO
* Location: Main Jail
* Visitation: 3 View Schedule
* Expected Release Date:  
Charge Number: 1
Statute: 782.051-1
Charge Status: PENDING TRIAL
Bond Amount: 0.00
Charge Number: 2
Statute: 782.051-1
Charge Status: PENDING TRIAL
Bond Amount: 0.00
Charge Number: 3
Statute: 784.045-1a2
Charge Status: PENDING TRIAL
Bond Amount: 10,000.00
Charge Number: 4
Statute: 843.02
Charge Status: PENDING TRIAL
Bond Amount: 100.00

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D241 site profile image  

2/8/14 11:50 AM by D241

I'll answer by refrasing your statement to where it doesn't make sense.   "Thiago can take pretty much anyone(including certified bad-ass gym owners) on the planet in unarmed the same time"

Josheo site profile image  

2/8/14 11:17 AM by Josheo

Never leave it in the hands of the judges - dfw

ShawnTheBadger site profile image  

2/8/14 9:59 AM by ShawnTheBadger

Why wouldn't Thiago just go down to the gym and beat the shit out of Popovitch?  Popovitch is obviously a serious bad-ass, but there is a reason (or three) that he is not in the UFC.  Why involve a firearm when Thiago can take pretty much anyone (including certified bad-ass gym owners) on the planet in unarmed combat? Crazy story.  Big-time bummer for Thiago.  I obviously don't condone his actions, but can empathize with his mindset.

DR3K site profile image  

2/8/14 4:15 AM by DR3K

damn this is so sad to see. Everyone just totally abandoned this dude. Thiago definitely just got fucked, he may be mentally unstable right now because of it but should be treated as a mental health patient and not a lunatic. He needs to be helped due to the serious wife fuckery, classic case of a powerful man being brought down by a woman with her ways of effecting him directly and indirectly in his head. Could be she cheated on him, then when he blows up and pulls that stunt, she abandons him, puts all blame on him, then files for divorce taking half the shit HE earned from fights and what not. He was obviously troubled and powerless to protect himself against the system that quite frankly favors her in the divorce. In his mind he needed serious money FAST to win in this marital battle (he's a fighter. THINK). Thus he makes a mistake (like in any fight) and is viewed as a violent criminal. While i can't say i blame them, he shoulnd't be stereotyped because he looks the part. Put him in a psych ward and give him counseling. True men, alphas, hunters, are not to be taken for fools, for the struggle of a warrior requires both strength of body and that of mind.End Thesis.

D241 site profile image  

2/7/14 11:24 PM by D241

From my Brazilian friend via text earlier this evening:   "...he's going to do time and almost get deported. He's not a US citizen. They tried to deport me, and I spent 2 months at a Dept of Homeland Security Immigration facility out in West Texas for far less...he's getting deported I imagine, and that's after his criminal shit is done."

rkm456 site profile image  

2/7/14 9:20 PM by rkm456

Anyone know if he has U.S. citizenship? If he didn't this could get even more interesting.

Kneeblock site profile image  

2/7/14 6:46 PM by Kneeblock

AJ trains there so if true F Thiago.

Thuglife13 site profile image  

2/7/14 6:40 PM by Thuglife13

Fuck it, Thuglife!Always a Silva fan. This is when you see who your real friends/fans are.Silva Gang or don't bang!

philipee32 site profile image  

2/7/14 5:13 PM by philipee32

Thiago's neck looks huge in the pic its got to be shopped. Bro

Josheo site profile image  

2/7/14 5:11 PM by Josheo

Wow. I'm sure that reporter is just doing his job, but he comes across like a total douche. "He makes his living inside a caged Octagon, but right now he's inside a different kind of cage. ... Thiago Silva, a popular Ehm Ehm Eye fighter -- Professional. Mixed. Martial. Arts. Fighter. He's in jail this morning at the Broward County jail, and he's in Biig TRuhbuhl."