Jones: Weidman isn't superfight worthy yet, but Cain is


For years there has been superfight talk in the UFC generally revolving around GSP and Anderson Silva. With the former on indefinite leave and the latter recovering from a horrific leg break, UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones is now half of the biggest superfight in the sport, whether he goes down to Chris Weidman, or up to Cain Velasquez.

Jones addressed the issue in a recent interview that appeared on Inside MMA.

"A lot of people are starting to mention Chris Weidman's name," said the champion. "I think in order for it to be a superfight, Chris Weidman needs to get his name a little bit bigger and prove himself against some other world champions. That being said, I think Cain Velasquez would be the only guy that would be considered a superfight."


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UnderTheClock site profile image  

2/11/14 11:18 PM by UnderTheClock

Bry, I agree. Jones is unpredictable and unorthodox.

Aaron Becker site profile image  

2/11/14 2:32 PM by Aaron Becker

how so? he's bound to go up to HWT sometime

D241 site profile image  

2/11/14 2:04 PM by D241

Yeah I just dropped some truth bombs that even educated myself in the process :)

cecils_pupils site profile image  

2/11/14 8:54 AM by cecils_pupils

Amen brother - D241 speaks the truth.  War Bones!!!

rkm456 site profile image  

2/11/14 2:27 AM by rkm456

The following list was bought to my attention by the illustrious Rampagefitslikeaglove in the thread where Jones called his upcoming opponent past his prime. Yes, I'm serious. Look at that division. LOOK AT IT! lolUFC Light Heavyweight rankings:1 Alexander Gustafsson2 Glover Teixeira3 Rashad Evans4 Phil Davis5 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira6 Dan Henderson7 Mauricio Rua8 Chael Sonnen9 Gegard Mousasi10 Ryan Bader11 Jimi Manuwa12 Vitor Belfort13 Lyoto Machida14 James Te-Huna15 Rafael Cavalcante

D241 site profile image  

2/11/14 2:14 AM by D241

    I agree that a great argument as to what makes GSP so great is how dominant he has been.    But to tip the scales from GSP's dominant decisions to Jon Jones' finishes, the best example would be the Great one in the middle, Anderson Silva. Whom Ironically is known for his exciting finishes and dominant wins, proved there will always be some doubt in a dominant yet non-finishing fight.    Case in point:   Chael Sonnen was putting a GSP type of performance against Anderson I'm sure you'll agree with that assessment. But Boom, at the very end, Anderson provided that justification of doubt we call "what if", and put the stamp on who the for sure winner of the fight was.     Which brings me back to my point.  -GSP for sure didn't clearly beat BJ in their first fight   -I totally believe if the fight between Nick and GSP that Nick could still have been capable to put up a late fight submission like Anderson did to Chael.   -GSP vs Condit was not a dominant performance and showed just how easy GSP could be taken out with a flash strike like a right high kick.   -GSP vs Shields was not a dominant perfomance and 2 judges gave Shields at least 2 rounds.   So compare GSP's 3 dominant wins over prime Hughes, a bit past his prime Hughes, and a prime BJ Penn, to Jon Jones finishes I stated above, I think the Goat comparisons are already fair. Jon Jones still has a long way to go, and this year the #1 hopeful fight for fans is Jon Jones vs Cain Velasquez.  

rkm456 site profile image  

2/11/14 1:19 AM by rkm456

D241 - Very good point about them all winning their next fight after Jones, but looking beyond that, they're all basically .500 fighters since Jones (with the exception of Machida who's dropped down a division) which again supports the idea they're fighters on the decline by the time they get to Jones. Also, keep in mind that a lot of the guys Jones has defended against only needed a 1 or 2 fight win streak to get their shot at the belt.To your opinion that finishes are better than decisions, all though I find them more entertaining to me it's more a sign of dominance when everyone in the world knows what you plan to do, and can do nothing to stop it. Hendricks said it best "We all know what's coming 'jab, jab, jab takedown. jab, jab, jab, takedown'" Guess what? Hendricks still couldn't stop him. Close (as I've said before, I think Hendricks won that fight) but the reality is, if you know a guy's game plan and he's that predictable, why couldn't he be stopped?

D241 site profile image  

2/10/14 4:26 PM by D241

rkm-I think you and I are more in agreement with each other than most.   But just for the sake of debating   GSP I don't think is the benchmark, especially when you have GSP getting many decisions while Jones has handily finished his opponents. Finishing imo > winning 5 rounds to a decision.   GSP's best wins- BJ Penn Matt Hughes Nick Diaz Carlos Condit Jake Shields after that the level fo talent drops considerably. He finished 2 of those 5.   -The only person to ever submit Rampage, is Submission Legend Sakuraba, and Jon Jones.   -Before facing Jon Jones, No one had ever finished Brandon Vera, and he fought at hw as well. Jon Jones demolished him.(and I purposely am leaving off the Werdum outcome and if you recall that fight you'll completely understand why).   -Vladimir Matyushenko-From 2005 till he faced Jon Jones in 2010, had a record of 11-1. Jones beat him at his own game and Demolished him. Jones is 1 of 4 people to finish him his entire career, and the 2nd to do so.   -Before facing Jon Jones, Ryan Bader was undefeated at 12-0 with 8 finishes. Jon Jones Destroyed him   -In Shogun's illustrious career, he has only been finished from strikes ONE time. That was by Jon Jones, whom did so visciously.   -In Lyoto's established career of 24 fights, Lyoto has only been finished 2 times. Only once by submission, and that one person to submit him when no one else has? Jon Jones.   -In Vitor Belfort's hall of fame career, he's only been submitted 2 times. Jon Jones was the 2nd.   Now here is the statistic that will take some of the steam out of your "past their prime" argument. Even if these guys were past their prime Chael-Got finished by Jones, but won his next fight Vladimir-Got finished by Jones but won his next fight Shogun-Got finished by Jones but won his next fight Lyoto-Got finished by Jones but won his next fight.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

2/10/14 2:47 PM by Lazer MMA

JBJ may run a bit and try to eye poke. I feel safer with 'Cain wins inside the distance'.

Telamon site profile image  

2/10/14 1:26 PM by Telamon

Cain would destroy Jones but I think Jones asking for the fight is smart- big money, if he loses, he fought out of his weight division. I have no doubt that Jones thinks he would win that fight though. You would have to have that confidence to fight at this level.I would bet plenty of money on Cain KOing him in round 1.