dos Anjos: I'm going to shut [Khabib] up


Khabib Nurmagomedov has been making a lot of news lately with his Twitter, claiming that nobody wants to fight him. A couple UFC lightweights offered to fight him, but in the end the UFC matched him up with Rafael dos Anjos, who is hoping to shut up all the talk:

He also pointed out that he wasn't a fan of a shirt Nurmagomedov wore before his bout with Thiago Tavares last year in Brazil that said "If Sambo was easy it would be called Jiu Jitsu":

"You can wait for me coming too prepared and I definitely will bring this win. I'm going to make Khabib stop this talking of nobody wanting to fight him because he is a guy who is talking a lot. I'm going to shut him up so he can learn to not bad talk jiu-jitsu and I'm going to make him throw that shirt in the garbage".

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Jack_Bauer site profile image  

2/9/14 8:43 PM by Jack_Bauer

That was the nicest smack talk I've ever heard. What a gentleman.

guardbr8kr site profile image  

2/9/14 7:30 PM by guardbr8kr

izzzzzzzzzzzz this guy on Chael's team?

Mark Hunts Pet Monkey site profile image  

2/9/14 7:28 PM by Mark Hunts Pet Monkey

Has Khabib actually said anything (other than wearing that funny as fuck shirt)?Or is he just replying to Dana's promotional quips?

WeidmanBrokeTheLEGend site profile image  

2/9/14 7:23 PM by WeidmanBrokeTheLEGend

I hope u bet a lot of money

Throwin'Knuckles site profile image  

2/9/14 7:21 PM by Throwin'Knuckles

I LOL'd @ this and for that VU!

Stu Cazzo site profile image  

2/9/14 7:17 PM by Stu Cazzo

Just placed a bet on this fight in Vegas. If either fighters wins or loses then then I don't win anything...

-Im Pimped out to Dodger by King Cain- site profile image  

2/9/14 7:15 PM by -Im Pimped out to Dodger by King Cain-

This!!!! He knows what's going down. I'm going to take it one step further though and say it will defo end in a decision, or a submission or a tko/ko..... Although a injury wouldn't surprise me.

RSGTT_SonOfJockstrap site profile image  

2/9/14 6:58 PM by RSGTT_SonOfJockstrap

This water I'm about to drink should be refreshing, unless it's piss.

4thHorsemen site profile image  

2/9/14 6:34 PM by 4thHorsemen

I predict Khabib will take him.However, if Dos Anjos fights better that night then I think Dos Anjos will win.

kalt site profile image  

2/9/14 6:03 PM by kalt

Either guy can win this, will be a good fight, but my $ is on Khabib. The guy's just too good and we clearly haven't even seen his best yet. I really wish the fight with Gil had come through though. That woulda been badass.