Jones challenges Lauzon to grappling match


Tonight UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones challenged lightweight fighter Joe Lauzon to a jiu-jitsu match, with his hands tied together:

Hey somebody tell @JoeLauzon i'd beat him in a jujitsu match with my hands taped closed

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Lauzon was quick to respond, immediately accepting the challenge:

@JonnyBones this can be arranged!

read official Twitter...

Lauzon and Jones continued a friendly banter back and forth on Twitter, so I don't think the challenge was meant unkindly. Jones suggested a charity event and then attempted to back down and offer Phil Davis as a replacement. Lauzon then called the champion out on calling out a lightweight then backing out. Which of course made Jones accept.

It looks like this is just two guys having fun with each other, but it could be interesting. UFC champion versus one of the lightweights most exciting submission fighters in a gi, with the champions hands taped together.

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Recent Comments »

stevekt site profile image  

2/13/14 5:08 PM by stevekt

Wow. Unbelievable.

shadysavagecameonmaiaface site profile image  

2/13/14 5:00 PM by shadysavagecameonmaiaface

This is fun

303 site profile image  

2/13/14 4:05 PM by 303

If this is in a gi I think JLau wins pretty convincingly. If it is no gi, I am still going with Jlau but it will be much tougher as Bones has the size, and some crazy athletic ability.

uberpinscher site profile image  

2/13/14 3:57 PM by uberpinscher

Lol that guy was out of line... That was so ridiculous - his boys were wild each'in it

Fly Rodder site profile image  

2/13/14 3:56 PM by Fly Rodder

Jones asked on Twitter what he should do more of, a fan said talk more shit, so Jones said he'd take Lauzon in a BJJ match with his hands taped up (probably knowing full well that Joe's brain is wirelessly connected to the internet and that'd he respond).

Dysqo site profile image  

2/13/14 3:40 PM by Dysqo

Is this going down at Santos's place? Where's Florian?Jones has a brother who plays for pats right? He can play the part of the dude holding the briefcase.

OGT site profile image  

2/13/14 3:05 PM by OGT

lauzons got this pretty easy i think.

Musashi site profile image  

2/13/14 2:49 PM by Musashi

Seriously though.. the only thing to do at this point, is to accept the challenge but without Jones having his hands tied. Then it's no win for Jones. Either he loses big or he beats a much smaller guy. The whole 'hands tied' thing is a no-win for Joe.

Is_Normal site profile image  

2/13/14 2:36 PM by Is_Normal

It'll never happen. Jones would get embarrassed and J-lo would be the uncrowned LHW champion.