Sonnen: 'The UFC is plagued with cowards'


When Rashad Evans injured his knee and had to withdraw from UFC 170 next Saturday, Chael Sonnen immediately offered to finish filming the Ultimate Fighter Brazil, fly to Vegas, and fight Cormier in Evans' place.

Sonnen notorious for his unequaled ability to stir up interest around a fight, and revered for his willingness to step up on moment's notice. In a text message to FOX Sports Marc Ramondi, Sonnen took to task fighters who did step forward.

“DC is a top contender,” said Sonnen. “For people to not jump at the shot to fight him is more than confusing, it’s infuriating. The UFC is plagued with cowards. If you are a light heavyweight who isn’t booked and you didn’t offer to fight him, please, I beg you, quit.”

The list of figures that did offer to take the fight includes Anthony Johnson and Pat Cummins.

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D241 site profile image  

2/15/14 12:05 PM by D241

It's frustrating, UFC has lots of talented fighters, but too little bushido. Chael has TONS of Bushido, unfortunately just lacks the talent.

danggook site profile image  

2/15/14 10:58 AM by danggook

no not really its a terrible idea. if you get squashed dfw will publically trash you as a fighter and possibly even cut you, as is evidenced by past transgressions

danggook site profile image  

2/15/14 10:56 AM by danggook

yeah but making 205 in 2 weeks notice is a daunting task for that dude

C0NAN site profile image  

2/15/14 9:38 AM by C0NAN

You realize Chael doesn't give a fuck because he already has 14 losses, right. It's easy to not give a fuck about losses when you no longer have a legacy to lose.He makes money by talking trash and sucking up to Dana, another loss makes little difference when he's lost that many times already, while he always has a wild chance to pull a Hail Mary against a superior opponent/champion, because this is fighting, and while scientific fighting is controlled chaos, the chaos can never be 100% controlled by any fighter.Bottom line, be intellectually honest here. It's almost always a win/win for Chael. If he wins, he wins. If he loses, he still gets a fat paycheck and he doesn't care about losses because he's so used to losing. Relative to other top UFC fighters who have much better records, he is not doing anything brave in comparison.

notsobigmike site profile image  

2/14/14 3:14 PM by notsobigmike

I get that the stakes are higher, so people don't want to take the risk, but I hate this trend lately of fighters hand-picking opponents and dodging guys they think are bad matchups.I appreciate and have respect for guys who are willing to step up whenever, wherever, even if it means risking a black mark on your record.

Dogman site profile image  

2/14/14 2:35 PM by Dogman

^^^50% Shad ^^

Dogman site profile image  

2/14/14 2:25 PM by Dogman

Thats because in the old days thier wasn't big $ riding on it. And even in the old days when money was riding on it that mentality wasn't always displayed....Rickson is the first one I can think of off hand. Way to much, now days is riding on winning or losing to fight when you are hurt. Also I dont care to see a 50% fighting a 100% DC, it would mean shit!

Fight_is_the_Fight site profile image  

2/14/14 2:22 PM by Fight_is_the_Fight

Or how bout the 2nd Anderson Fight.Sonnen literally fell over and quit, Silva throws knee to the head/body but Sonnen literally fucking quit, rewatch the fight, Sonnen quits in the 2nd fight, Anderson didnt even win..lolIll tell you whats cowardly.Having to boost your TEST LEVELs to 20:1 like Chael Sonnen did in his first UFC title fight, and dominating Silva with ease, AND STILL FINDING A WAY TO LOSELOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Dogman site profile image  

2/14/14 2:16 PM by Dogman

Yes, I think we saw Chael warrior spirt in the Shad fight. Go out and tap when it gets tough. And as other have said Sonnen doesn't have to worry about getting fired after a loss. So Chael should shut his fucking pie hole!

jonflesh site profile image  

2/14/14 11:25 AM by jonflesh

Didnt he fight Dan miller on short notice after yushin dropped out of the miller fight? Stepping up for the miller fight and winning is what started his streak that led to his title shot.