Tito Ortiz steps down as Cris Cyborg's manager


Yestarday UFC president Dana White met with two dozen members of the media at ZUFFA headquarters and offered a harsh assessment of Cris Cyborg and her manager UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz.

"Tito has done more f---ing to damage his career, his image and his f---ing life than any fighter I've ever met, and that's her manager," said White. "They come out in this press conference and say, 'She will die. She will die if she goes to 135. … So I'm going to go before an athletic commission and say I want to make the fight between Ronda Rousey and f---ing Cyborg Santos at 135 pounds?"

Today Ortiz announced he is stepping down as her manager, in a statement made on "Inside MMA."

I can live with Dana not liking me but what I can’t live with is Dana using me to hurt someone else. I’ve taken abuse and maybe I deserved some of it but Cris is a beautiful person and great athlete and doesn’t deserve to be insulted like this.

I don’t understand how Dana lets his hatred towards me hurt the UFC and the fans by not making this fight.

He accuses her of still using banned substances and say that she isn’t worthy of fighting Ronda yet a year ago he personally called me to make the fight happen.

I never said she would die if she made 135- we just repeated what the Dr said that Cris shouldn’t make a career at 135- we offered a 3 fight deal they said no 7 fights or no deal.

Regardless – I won’t stand in the way from the fans getting a fight they want and I won’t hold Cris Back. So I’m stepping down as Cris’ manager

Now he can’t hold that against her-

I’m also tired of Dana accusing Cris of using banned substances. I challenge you to put up or shut up- Test her or stop lying about her- Cris is a beautiful woman inside and out- don’t insult her on her looks- she may be tough as nails but she still has feelings.

I know people are going to say there goes Tito making this about him again- but it’s not -it’s about Cris Cyborg- the baddest woman on the earth – soon to be multi-sport world champion.

-Tito Ortiz

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Hunter V site profile image  

2/16/14 12:02 PM by Hunter V

/threadSo damn sick and tired of the excuses. You can love or hate Ronda, but at least she makes weight and is there to fight. Its already been well documented the lengths the UFC tried to go to in order to get Cyborg fights as well as get to 135 for a epic showdown and SHE walked. So quit w this bullshit of how it is Dana's fault the fight never happened when the blame is squarely on Tito and Cyborg's massive shoulders. And there is a ton to bitch about regarding Dana, but how he handled this def is not one of them.

Dr Schopenhauer site profile image  

2/16/14 11:46 AM by Dr Schopenhauer

Dana could be the most hated person in mma right now.

BRZ site profile image  

2/16/14 10:26 AM by BRZ

In a way Tito let Dana win by stepping down. Because there is still no guarantee that Dana will Cyborg in the UFC without him.

Blazing Knees site profile image  

2/16/14 8:25 AM by Blazing Knees

I met him in 2005 and he was really nice and polite. Took pics, hung out for a few mins-just a nice guy--at least to me he was

Iben Jaqinov site profile image  

2/15/14 12:06 PM by Iben Jaqinov

Classy move

Master Bater site profile image  

2/15/14 12:00 PM by Master Bater

I'm still in shock that Tito managed to say ALL that without getting her name wrong??Does this not show just how much he has improved as a manager? Come on CC, give the man another chance :(

mikerobmma site profile image  

2/15/14 11:01 AM by mikerobmma

I promise you, Cyborg cannot make 135. I've been seeing her at the gym a lot lately as she preps for Lion Fights. She is working really hard and looks every bit of 170. The chick is big, and she has Ben Henderson legs. That weight doesn't come off easily, steroids or not. And to be honest, I think she destroys Ronda so effortlessly. Her striking is easily the best in women's MMA, and her strength allows her to suplex men her own size. Everyone is so convinced that if Ronda clinches her it's throwing time, but I think that Cyborg would suplex her out of the fucking cage.

colubrid1 site profile image  

2/15/14 10:36 AM by colubrid1

Props to Tito for being super classy human being.Makes Dana look bad.Tito has always been the best with the fansa ane when people meet him. He is a good person. Just made some dumb mistakes marrying the mother of his children and not beingthe best at public speaking. But his agenda is right an so he can also write better than he speaks. He is a fighter and not a promoter.

abi site profile image  

2/15/14 10:30 AM by abi


jasonhightower site profile image  

2/15/14 9:27 AM by jasonhightower

It's not in salvageable. Just needs to get back into the cage and smash someone and she'll be right back in the Rousey discussion. I predict the fight will happen within 2 years.