Mousasi: I don't see anyone at MW I can't beat


UFC middleweight Gegard Mousasi sat down with the ever tremendous Step Daniels for a wide-ranging interview, ahead of his main event fight Saturday night with Lyoto Machida.

"He's a smart fighter," said Mousasi. "He lures you in, and even though he doesn't do a whole lot, what he does, he does well. I just have to be calm and not get irritated. The stand-up I'm not worried about. I will do just fine there, and on the ground also. I just have to fight smart."

"At middleweight, I don't see anyone that I cannot beat. I feel comfortable fighting against any opponent. After this fight, I'd prefer to fight more of a stand up fighter, but first, I have to get through Machida."

"I want to stay at 185 now that I'm in the UFC. I could see maybe taking a big fight at light heavy if they really needed me to, but that's the only way. I don't really want to be going up and down. I just want to focus on one division, and that's middleweight."

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iwatchsomemma site profile image  

2/15/14 7:03 PM by iwatchsomemma

Moose-shit!Rooting for the guy and he obviously is a very confident fighter.As long as he doesn't say too much.War Moose!

XcessiveZ site profile image  

2/15/14 1:43 PM by XcessiveZ

Yeah that sounds exactly like how Weidman fights usually go...

Bann site profile image  

2/15/14 1:19 PM by Bann

Mousasi would beat the shit out of Weidman if the fight stayed standing. But Weidman is smart and would take him down and win a boring decision.

MITman2k site profile image  

2/15/14 12:30 PM by MITman2k

Weidman isn't a good macthup for him imo, but he's dangerous against any of the other contenders. Would love to see a Jacare rematch.

hendofanforlife site profile image  

2/15/14 12:29 PM by hendofanforlife

STEP Daniels, lol

ender852 site profile image  

2/15/14 11:30 AM by ender852


MarkRobinson site profile image  

2/15/14 11:26 AM by MarkRobinson

Take that plane into a nose dive HOK HO GAN!

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

2/15/14 11:12 AM by Pitbull3744

I love his trips

UGCTT_FryedTakayama site profile image  

2/15/14 11:05 AM by UGCTT_FryedTakayama

Mousasi can beat Machida but no way he beats the Undertaker at Wrestlemania!

AdmiralCackbar site profile image  

2/15/14 10:59 AM by AdmiralCackbar

You mean outside of the large number of people saying he'll knock out Machida? Yes, he took on Mark Hunt. He took him down and subbed him. Moose fans act like he won a stand up battle against Hunt.