UFC 170 reported fighter purses range from 160K for Cormier to 8K


UFC 170 Fighter Purses
Feb. 22, 2014
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, Nevada

The below figures are based on the fighter purse information that promoters are required by law to submit to the state athletic commissions, including the winners' bonuses. They were obtained from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Ronda Rousey: $110,000 (includes $55,000 win bonus)
Sara McMann: $16,000

Daniel Cormier: $160,000 (includes $80,000 win bonus)
Patrick Cummins: $8,000

Rory MacDonald: $100,000 (includes $50,000 win bonus)
Demian Maia: $64,000

Mike Pyle: $96,000 (includes $48,000 win bonus)
T.J. Waldburger: $18,000

Stephen Thompson: $28,000 (includes $14,000 win bonus)
Robert Whittaker: $15,000

Alexis Davis: $30,000 (includes $15,000 win bonus)
Jessica Eye: $8,000

Raphael Assuncao: $56,000 (includes $28,000 win bonus)
Pedro Munhoz: $8,000

Aljamain Sterling: $16,000 (includes $8,000 win bonus)
Cody Gibson: $8,000

Zach Makovsky: $24,000 (includes $12,000 win bonus)
Josh Sampo: $10,000

Erik Koch: $30,000 (includes $15,000 win bonus)
Rafaello Oliveira: $14,000

Ernest Chavez: $16,000 (includes $8,000 win bonus)
Yosdenis Cedeno: $8,000

The figures do not represent a full accounting of each fighter's income.

Fighters bear significant costs typically including training expenses, a percentage to management, a percentage to the trainer, plus insurance, licenses, and taxes.

On the income side, sponsorship money can be a substantial portion of income, although they have markedly dropped lately. As well there are explicit 'of the Night' performance bonuses, and less formal 'locker room bonuses.'

Headlining fighters typically also receive a stepped percentage of PPV buys, that increase if the fighters drawing power pushes the number higher.

And many fighters earn income from teaching, from appearances, and in some cases from regular employment in the non fighting space.

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6ULDV8 site profile image  

2/24/14 3:45 PM by 6ULDV8

Hey, did you hear that Facebook now has 50 different genders to choose from?  The future of social media right there.     Maybe the UFC should have 50 different genders of fighters, just to stay relevant.

6ULDV8 site profile image  

2/24/14 3:43 PM by 6ULDV8

UFC uniforms and sponsor tax!  The future of MMA

Jumbo Reverse Shrimp site profile image  

2/24/14 1:11 PM by Jumbo Reverse Shrimp

Exactly. These shills aways make that "Why do you care how much they make? It's none of your business." Well, why do I care who can kick whose ass? And Dana makes it all worse with his conspicuous throwing around of money.

Jumbo Reverse Shrimp site profile image  

2/24/14 1:07 PM by Jumbo Reverse Shrimp

Edit fail.

TryhardNobody site profile image  

2/24/14 12:21 PM by TryhardNobody

Cummins 100% saved that card. Without someone for DC to fight, that card was total garbage as evidenced by DC getting paid more than Ronda. Hard to believe Cummins got paid 8k i hope that isnt true. I'm sure they could pressure him into signing an 8k contract but why would they unless theyre jerkoffs

rrg1 site profile image  

2/24/14 12:11 PM by rrg1

What a garbage perspective.It is people's business in that they pay for tickets, merchandise and PPV's. They certainly have every right to be pissed off if they're money is not going to pay fighters and IS going to Dana to buy more ferrari's and fuel his gambling. To think otherwise is simply moronic at best.

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2/24/14 12:11 PM by rrg1


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2/24/14 10:01 AM by 6ULDV8

If you want to talk about potatoes, you should know this song off by heart.   Real Spud Men know what I'm talking about.

RJJH site profile image  

2/24/14 8:31 AM by RJJH

and its simple math like this that contributes to me never giving the UFC another dollar of my money. FUCK THEM. I am glad I stopped giving them money years ago.

crazydave site profile image  

2/24/14 8:29 AM by crazydave

BLAEOG   Built Like An Egg Of Greed.