Who is next for Ronda Rousey?


On Saturday night UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey broke a couple of records. She finally ended a fight with something besides and arm bar, and she broke the record for shortest time between a successful defense (Matt Hughes also fought 56 days after winning a title defense, but he lost).

Rousey said last Summer that she works in four-year stretches.

“I said from the beginning that I work in quadrennials,” she said. “I do four-year cycles."

Rousey's first MMA fight, as an amateur, was on 11/12/2010. If that is the beginning of the four-year run, she would be retiring at the end of this year. Her pro debut was just a few months later. Rousey said though that she saw her exit in two years, which would be the Summer of 2015. 

"I think I’ve got two years left in me, realistically, if I’m going to do this like an Olympic run.”

If she does indeed plan a truncated career, the question of who she fights next takes on increased importance.

The UFC women's top 10
Champion : Ronda Rousey
1. Cat Zingano 
2. Miesha Tate 
3. Alexis Davis 
4. Sara McMann 
5. Jessica Eye 
6. Sarah Kaufman 
7. Liz Carmouche 
8. Amanda Nunes 
9. Jessica Andrade 
10. Julianna Pena 

The list of potential contenders also includes two fighters not signed by the UFC, Cris Cyborg who fights for Invicta at 145, and Holly Holm, who has not come to terms with the UFC, as she can fight locally in New Mexico and earn a large income due to her tremendous local popularity.

Rousey will be acting in a movie version of HBO's Entourage in March, but at the post-fight press conference, she said she did not anticipate a long break.

“I usually have a hard time staying away from the gym," said Rousey, as transcribed by MMAJunkie. "So I’ll probably get bored within a couple of weeks, and whenever they need me, I’ll fight. It seems late summer seems like a cool time, but I might want to fight sooner than that.”

“I think Cat Zingano really deserves to fight for the title at some point, but she’s still coming back from her injury, and I thought Alexis Davis did an amazing job tonight. It’s up to the UFC.”

UFC president Dana White concurred that Zingano deserves a title fight, but noted that Cat is recovering from surgery. Zingano also lost her husband Mauricio to suicide just over a month ago.

“The poor girl has been through a lot over the last year,” said White. “But I agree with Ronda. She’s next in line.”

White said he wants to see if Cris Cyborg can successfully fight at 135, and then sign her, before making any decisions about a title fight.

While White was open to the idea of signing Holm to the UFC, it would not be to a title fight.

"She’s never even fought here before, so no,” said White of Holm being Rousey's next title defense.

So that seems to leave Alexis Davis, who earned a split decision win over Jessica Eye on Saturday as the likely front runner.

Davis naturally is game.

“Of course I’ll say yes,” she said. “I’ve been fighting for so long, and who else is 3-0 in the UFC, other than the girl sitting right down from me? I want that shot. I’m the quiet girl that sits there, but I’m looking for it.”


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If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much site profile image  

2/23/14 10:16 PM by If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much

How is she going to fight in May if she is filming a movie in March/April?She will fight again in July regardless of the numbers in Vegas as part of the UFC Expo. This was basically confirmed by Ronda in her post fight press conf where she said she wanted to fight in late summer. She also has to promote Expendables 3 in August so she will fight in July. Lastly, MMALogic stated a few weeks that they wanted her to fight again in July.This would set up a year end fight with Cyborg IMO, if Cyborg wins her 145lb fight, then fights this summer at 135 against L. Murphy and wins. I don't know if she will win both fights and make weight but if she can do it, the UFC will give her the fight.

Chromium site profile image  

2/23/14 7:28 PM by Chromium

Sign Holm after her fight in April and set up Davis vs. Holm for a title-eliminator. Probably not going to yield a serious title threat but from a promotional standpoint it makes sense.

dominating_fashion site profile image  

2/23/14 6:18 PM by dominating_fashion

Looks like Davis is next. Doubt she has anything for her, but yet another step up in terms of striking ability.

Genghis84 site profile image  

2/23/14 5:47 PM by Genghis84

I think her next fight is going to be dictated by the PPV views for UFC 170.If it did bad numbers (325k or less), they'll hold off on having Ronda fight soon. Her next fight will probably be on a stacked card in August.If it did good numbers (500k or more), they'll rush her back to headline another weak card in May. The UFC isn't going to pass up an opportunity to milk a draw for all its worth. Especially with guys like GSP and Anderson out of the picture for the remaining year.

WriteBelt site profile image  

2/23/14 4:52 PM by WriteBelt

I sorta feel like Cyborg will be Ronda's 'Hendricks' fight. Survive or not, that will be all for her and Dana wouldn't have it any other way. At that point, it won't matter if Rousey wins with one foot out the door. Davis, Zingano (maybe) and the grand finale with Cyborg either new years or SB weekend 2015.

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

2/23/14 4:44 PM by duckhuntgangsta

Oh I agree. I'm not saying to throw her into a title fight. I'm saying sign her and get her started in the UFC.She's fighting for the legacy title fight in early April. Hopefully they can work out some sort of deal after that.

Steve4192 site profile image  

2/23/14 4:37 PM by Steve4192

I'm all for the UFC signing Holly, but she doesn't belong in the discussion of who is next for Ronda. She needs to beat someone in the top 50 of the bantamweight division before she deserves to even be talked about as a potential contender. Beating up on retirees to pad her record ain't gonna cut it.

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

2/23/14 4:24 PM by duckhuntgangsta


xsrg95 site profile image  

2/23/14 4:18 PM by xsrg95

rousey fights alexis davis/cat zangano/holly holm maybe pena/tate3 and hopes cyborg gets poped or too drained to make 135 by 2015/16.

dre198703 site profile image  

2/23/14 3:15 PM by dre198703

Holly holm