GSP: Rory MacDonald ready for title shot


Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre recently appeared on Sportsnet and said Rorry MacDonald is ready for a title shot.

"I think so, I think he is, said GSP. "I think Rory will be champion soon. His loss to Lawler make him much better, I believe. I believe he's got all the tools to become world champion, and I think he will."

GSP was asked if he would be attending UFC 171 on March 15 to watch Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler fight for the UFC welterweight championship.

"I'm not going to go live to the fight because I'm taking a break right right now about this. But I'm going to watch it. They both have the power to knock each other out standing up. I see Johny as having a little advantage in the wrestling and grappling department, because of his experience.

"They're both southpaws but it's going to be interesting. Sometimes we can speculate how the fight will go and everything, but it all comes down to the night of the fight. You never know what's going to happen 100%. You don't know what's going in these guy's life. Sometimes things can affect a fight. You don't know. You have to go behind the scenes and see but we'll find all that out the night of the fight."

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Herman Munster site profile image  

2/27/14 3:40 PM by Herman Munster

BS it was a horrible stand up. Rory is methodical on the ground, and was slow getting started in the second round when he took Lawler down, but by the end of the round, he was getting his ground and pound going, and Lawler was definitely not where he wanted to be. That should have earned Rory the benefit of the doubt in round 3. Round 3, Rory got caught with a good shot early, too his credit he was able to respond right away with a takedown. That's part of the beauty of mma. It allows for that opportunity. That's what mma fan boys tried to sell the sport with when telling all the mma naysayers how much safer of a sport, it supposedly is from boxing and kickboxing. Mma was a sport where you could be hurt from an exchange on the feet, but have an option to take the fight down as opposed to be rocked and your only option if for your brain to get pounded. Rory was hurt when he took the fight down in round 3. Lawler shouldn't need the ref to help him up with an early stand up. Lawler should have been able to get up on own. His opponent was hurt. The ref didn't even give Rory a minute to work on the ground before standing him up when he was rocked. That was disgraceful officiating if there ever was. I repeat, Robby Lawler is such a winnable fight for. Rory, it's not even funny. I hope Lawler becomes Champion, so Rory can take the belt from him. Lawler can be Rory's Hughes.

Stu Cazzo site profile image  

2/27/14 3:33 PM by Stu Cazzo

People rag on him because he sandbags. He has become a point fighter.

jpm995 site profile image  

2/27/14 3:23 PM by jpm995

I think Condit will end up as champ but Rory probably deserves a shot as much as anyone. To say he has a one fight win streak is balony, he's been on a good run and lost a close one to Lawler. I think Rory acting like as ass has fans misjudging him as a fighter, he's outstanding.

Stu Cazzo site profile image  

2/27/14 2:55 PM by Stu Cazzo

/\Boss interruption.That post was as embarrassing as the lnp that led to the standup.Worst lnp since Herring vs Kerr

Stu Cazzo site profile image  

2/27/14 2:54 PM by Stu Cazzo

LOL @ early standup!!!That post was as embarrassing as that lay and pray was the worst I've ever seen in mma since Heath Herring vs Kerr

lifeaftrprison site profile image  

2/27/14 2:43 PM by lifeaftrprison

He didn't want to go away from building the GSP brand. I read he's in the new captain America movie , doing interviews , promoting his brand. He just wanted out of the business of making money for Zuffa IMO.

Herman Munster site profile image  

2/27/14 2:13 PM by Herman Munster

You forgot about the early ref stand up in round 3 that allowed Lawler to get up in the first place. Lawler is such a winnable fight for Rory in the future, it's not even funny.

Briggy site profile image  

2/27/14 2:08 PM by Briggy

Not to mention Lawler was clearly gassing. Rory has a good shot in a 5 round fight. Im still picking Lawler but Rory is still a tough fight for him

Herman Munster site profile image  

2/27/14 2:07 PM by Herman Munster

People need to accept the reality that Rory is at most 1 win away from a title shot. The same people who object to the thought of Rory getting a title shot, have no objection that Robby Lawler was given a title shot after beating Rory. So Rory is good enough to beat for Lawler to get a title shot, but apparently must clean out the division entirely before he, himself deserves one. Pure crap is what that is. People can't get passed their own bias and insecurities that Rory brings upon these weak bitch asses. If Condit/Woodley is a close decision, absolutely give Rory the next shot. Woodley has 1 fuckin win in the UFC. Condit has been given chances and has only beaten Kampmann in the last year. Kampmann is not a better win than Damian Maia. Rory is as deserving as anyone.

Briggy site profile image  

2/27/14 2:05 PM by Briggy

The guy lost a very close decision to Lawler so I don't know wtf are you talking about. He has a great chin, well rounded, technically sound and has a great camp.