Andreas Kraniotakes on the meaning of life


In this short film from Stuart Cooper Films, German heavyweight Andreas "Big Daddy" Kraniotakes talks about the meaning of life. Currently training at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA in Phuket Thailand, Kraniotakes left behind a comfortable middle class life for the rigors of being a fighter.

Kraniotakes sold his car and moved into the gym, just to be able to train full time.

"You're an educated guy, why are you doing this to yourself," asked people around him. "My life is not about money," he explains. "I don't define myself by what's in my bank account. I don't need that stuff. I can't take it with me."

"I went from big cars to small cars. But from being restless and don't know where to go, to being one of the happiest person on this planet. What else do you have to ask for?"

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Jits_n_Hoez site profile image  

2/27/14 11:35 AM by Jits_n_Hoez

What is happen in the this for make had having I the trouble in the understan?

madmaxej9 site profile image  

2/27/14 11:22 AM by madmaxej9

awesome little short film! I agree with him, it's not about money in life and I'm really happy for him he found his path. That being said, I think it's easier to go this route if you live in Germany than, let's say the US. As a good father you'd have to be able to offer good education for your kid, or healthcare, or opportunities to do sports, take classes, etc. - all this stuff is incredibly expensive here in the US. In Germany you get some much suppport from the Government such Universal Healthcare for you and your whole family, even when you are unemployed, unemployment benefits, free education from kindergarden to PHD etc.but non the less, I think he did exactly the right think - awesome to see that there are people who have to balls to follow their passion!

Jiu Jitsu doesn't work site profile image  

2/27/14 11:21 AM by Jiu Jitsu doesn't work

Great that he made it on the UG news. Andreas is one of the nicest, smartest and most humble persons I've ever met in this business.

Dominique Robinson site profile image  

2/27/14 11:16 AM by Dominique Robinson

That was cool

Affliction Blackbelt site profile image  

2/27/14 10:00 AM by Affliction Blackbelt

I resonate with Einstein when he remarked"The meaning of life is simply defined as had doing been in what which is had twice doing. Can you ever really even had before about want doing that? My guess is even further the width of thought has half is having that done about which is. And when perfect reflecting deep simplified have doing do too that as go wanting? Philosophically it makes perfect sense."

CanadianMMA94 site profile image  

2/27/14 9:50 AM by CanadianMMA94

Love it!!!!!

brahmabull81 site profile image  

2/27/14 9:43 AM by brahmabull81

Its a nice little short. His philosophy reminds me a lot of the way my dad (RIP, layu... kinda dusty in my room lol) viewed material things. Evan Tanner had a similar philosophical point of view. Money isnt everything, and as much as Im a part of the "fighters need to be paid more" movement as much as any other UGer, I miss the NHB days of guys fighting just because it was something that made them happy, not a job. There was a certain magic to it.

XxFIST2FACExX site profile image  

2/27/14 9:37 AM by XxFIST2FACExX