Melendez: Everyone thinks I'm a milionaire now


Last week it was announced that the UFC had matched an offer from Bellator and resigned number two ranked light weight Gilbert Melendez. Although specifics of the contract have not been revealed, Melendez is now said to be one of the highest paid lightweights, although he is not quite a millionaire:

"Everyone thinks I'm this millionaire or something now," Melendez said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "But that's not the case."

Maybe not, but Melendez sent a jolt of electricity through the MMA world by the way he handled his contract negotiations. Melendez got an offer from Bellator, then received a lucrative counter-offer from the UFC to remain with the company, opening other top fighters' eyes to the notion that there could be a true free market situation for fighters between MMA's top two companies.

"People were encouraging me," Melendez said of other fighters who took time to reach out to him. "I know they were happy for me, their own experiences, my intentions weren't to try to start start anything, I'm glad everyone was behind me, everyone does what they have to do, but my goal wasn't to start any sort of commotion, this was standard business."

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TzTinkle site profile image  

3/4/14 10:41 PM by TzTinkle

I always smile when I read that Adonal Foyle made $63 million in his career. He always looks so happy, can you blame him?

CindyO site profile image  

3/4/14 10:37 PM by CindyO

Mo money mo problems:)Cindy

notsobigmike site profile image  

3/4/14 2:54 PM by notsobigmike

Gee, I wonder why fighters seem to like keeping those locker room bonuses undisclosed.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

3/4/14 2:40 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Champion elsewhere. Fight of the night if not year. Has headlined a UFC card on network television. Arguably one of the top 3 lightweights on planet. Has earned less in his entire career than the 12th man of an NBA team or a left handed middle relief pitcher in MLB earns in ONE SEASON.

HITMAN DAN DIAZ site profile image  

3/4/14 11:56 AM by HITMAN DAN DIAZ

i sponsored gil for years. he is smart and patient when you negotiate with him. he weighs all the options not just total $$$. money counts but so did marketing and other aspects of the deal. he is a good guy and works his ass off. his wife is hella cool and also a very good person. gil comes from a hard working family.   

CindyO site profile image  

3/4/14 9:33 AM by CindyO

LMFAO and voted up!Cindy

the CREamcatcher site profile image  

3/4/14 3:30 AM by the CREamcatcher

this. I look up to him

gooseovermaverick site profile image  

3/4/14 3:23 AM by gooseovermaverick

Aaand I think we are finished here. Voted up

IronWill site profile image  

3/4/14 2:03 AM by IronWill

The best posters always get in first..VU

SOO72 site profile image  

3/4/14 1:26 AM by SOO72

He won't be a millionaire until AFTER his next PPV.