Woodley: Condit is a point fighter


At UFC 173, Carlos Condit battles the fast rising Tyron Woodley and the winner could be next in a line for a UFC welterweight title. Woodley believes that Condit is the guy that can get him a title fight, but has to come up with the right strategy to beat a point fighter:

“He point fights,” Woodley told MMAjunkie. “He moves around. He sticks and moves. He doesn’t just come out there and start banging on people. That’s not his style. He comes out there, and he overwhelms you with volume. He point fights.”

Condit currently owns a career finishing rate north of 90 percent and has a reputation as one of the most violent competitors in the sport. Hence his nickname “The Natural Born Killer.”

Woodley is aware of that fact, but he feels Condit is more about being defensive and waiting for an opportunity for a finish rather than pressing the issue on the offensive end.

“Point fighting is point fighting,” Woodley said. “When you have enough points and you overwhelm guys, you do have the ability to finish toward the end of the fight. He makes you chase him, and when he has enough points, he’ll finish you.”

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hawaiidave site profile image  

3/8/14 2:20 AM by hawaiidave

"the winner could be next in a line",Yup, the winner would definitely be in "a" line...

JerodR site profile image  

3/8/14 2:07 AM by JerodR

Woodley. Points or no points..you're dead meat!

VinegarStrokes site profile image  

3/8/14 1:19 AM by VinegarStrokes

If Woodley stands with Condit he gets ktfo. If he is smart he will use his wrestling and lay n pray for a grinding win.

legkicksinputin site profile image  

3/7/14 4:35 PM by legkicksinputin

Condit did point fight agaisnt Diaz, but that's it, Woodley on the other hand, made his career laying and praying in strikeforce and now that he KO'd Koscheck and Hieron who are way out of their primes, thinks he's some sort of Chuck Liddell? This guy was the worst of the worst point fighter in Strikeforce, see Daley and Mein fights.He's gonna get knocked the fuck out anyways.

MrHughes1991 site profile image  

3/7/14 4:21 PM by MrHughes1991

He was literally walking DHK down throwing crazy kicks and punches before just flying through the air to connect with that knee. What the fuck do you want the guy to do?

Eisenberg site profile image  

3/7/14 4:16 PM by Eisenberg

Coming from a dude who used to lay and pray his way to victory in every fight thats a ridiculous statement. Condit has 1 crappy win out of 29, thats it. Hope we get to see a repeat of the Marquardt vs Woodley fight.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

3/7/14 4:12 PM by ChaosOverkill

One fight defines a fighter. don't forget guys.

js138 site profile image  

3/7/14 4:07 PM by js138

All be it, against a dude whose almost impossible to KO... People need to lighten up.

jpm995 site profile image  

3/7/14 4:01 PM by jpm995

Condit was a point fighter in one fight, not fair to put that label on him.