Guillard: I will be UFC champion


That saying that getting to the UFC is the easy part. Staying in the UFC is the hard part. Despite upswings and downswings, Melvin Guillard has been on the active roster of the UFC for nine years. One thing that has alluded Guillard though is a title run, but at only thirty  years of age, the lightweight believes it will come:

"People don't realize how hard it is not only to fight in the UFC but stay in the UFC. I've been in the UFC for nine years straight. I haven't been cut or kicked to another promotion and I'm proud of that." 

That said, Guillard still believes a UFC belt is in his future. Should he defeat Johnson on Saturday, Guillard plans to call for a top-five opponent and then a title shot. 

"Will I get a title shot? Yes. Will I be champion? Yes," Guillard said. "I haven't given up on myself. 

"[UFC champion] Anthony Pettis is a good fighter, but I feel like I'm bigger, stronger and faster. I can beat anybody in my weight class. I have to go make a statement against Michael Johnson and then I see myself fighting for the title within two fights."

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3/9/14 7:57 PM by Skillrules

frowny face

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3/8/14 11:48 PM by MyGodThisMMA


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3/8/14 10:55 PM by BigSleep


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3/8/14 4:37 PM by TheGreatGodMARS

Johnson is my new favorite athletic black guy.

BackOffWarchild site profile image  

3/8/14 4:27 PM by BackOffWarchild

VTFU for an accurate post.  Melvin did exactly what you described, he backpedaled and was to gunshy to exchange and score points or a finish.  Other than one big uppercut in the first, Melvin had ZERO offense.  He gave that away and wants to blame the ref.

GarlicSenior site profile image  

3/8/14 3:33 PM by GarlicSenior

I think if Melvin was gonna be champion he would've been champion awhile ago. He has the physical talent to get there but he doesn't' put it together enough mentally to get to the strap imo.

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3/8/14 3:24 PM by BshMstr

i've always been impressed with Melvin's speed and athleticism, but he's getting old, in fight years. he's been a pro for 12 years, and has been inconsistent against top guys in his division...i think he's got a couple good fights left in him, but i just don't see him stringing together enough wins to get a title shot. even if he beats MJ, i would expect him to get 2 more wins against top 10 guys...

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3/8/14 10:45 AM by jonnierockets20

Good point. As a fighter, if you don't have an annoying amount of self-confidence then you should consider coaching. Melvin is solid and can stop anyone in a blink of an eye. He has to stay mentally strong as a competitor

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3/8/14 10:42 AM by jonnierockets20

Has all the potential, but the competition has more at this point.

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3/8/14 9:32 AM by YHTOMIT2001

Fighter shows confidence in himself, fans shit on him.