Gustafsson: I make enough to get by, but that's it


UFC light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson did an interview in is native Swedish following his narrow loss to Jon Jones. In it, "The Mauler" was asked about his compensation. 

Translation via  BloodyElbow.

Radio Interviewer: What kind of money is there in the sport? Is there a lot of money in it?

Alexander Gustafsson: No, I wouldn't say that.

RI: There isn't?!

AG: No, I earn enough to get by and so that I can train full time, but that's it. I can't buy a new Porsche.

RI: But if you had beat Jon Jones, how much more would you have earned? Can I ask you that?

AG: I don't know the answer to that question but it would have been considerably more. Then I could've bought a brand new Porsche.

On Saturday Gustafsson made two $50,000 'of the Night' performance bonuses, plus his show money plus his win money, plus who knows, so presumably his financial situation is improved at present. 


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Thankful1 site profile image  

3/13/14 5:52 PM by Thankful1

Most understand? So they should know that they are completely disposable (it's built into the structure of the promotion), supply greatly exceeds demand (which is why Dana can refuse to hire Askren and Fedor), fighters are here merely for our entertainment (the whole "noble warrior" concept died out a long time ago), and they are paid to perform at work (i.e. during the event), not train. Seems to me a lot don't understand (or want to accept)these points...but what do I know.

GSPsShadyHandWraps site profile image  

3/13/14 5:51 PM by GSPsShadyHandWraps

Carson plz, the jig is up

Thankful1 site profile image  

3/13/14 5:45 PM by Thankful1

Ah, I get profile. Years ago I trolled some noobs into thinking I was Mario Lopez.Do you always believe what you read on the internet? If so, I'm actually a Nigerian prince, and I need your help. I promise I will make it worth your me at

Sabaki site profile image  

3/13/14 2:01 PM by Sabaki

In all honesty, what you make is irrelevant. What is the important part is if your bed is taken bye à golddigger or not... No matter how much u make they will make sure u only have enough to get bye..

shatefak site profile image  

3/13/14 1:22 PM by shatefak

^ I dont know why that was a quote. I meant to just post in the thread.

shatefak site profile image  

3/13/14 1:20 PM by shatefak

Im Swedish and I can verify that Alex did not complain. All he said is he's not rich enough to buy a porche. Now he is though, after his last fight. This interview is old.

urch site profile image  

3/13/14 8:28 AM by urch

* The bonuses should not be factored in.* This interview is from right after the Jones fight. Why would Zuffa get pissed now?* The translation isn't shoddy; it's just a translation of verbal + non-verbal into strictly verbal. The same between-the-lines, understated thing could be said in English.

Jay Haas site profile image  

3/12/14 8:56 PM by Jay Haas

You absolutely can... And most understand what your pov is but %99 of fans or non fighters cannot see it from the fighters standpoint...

SimonSu site profile image  

3/12/14 7:41 PM by SimonSu

Jesus christ, you people need to calm down. There's already been several mentions that it's a poorly translated interview and that Gus did NOT complain. This is just a hunch but I'm guessing he's much happier getting paid in excess of 1 million SEK for his last fight than unjustly getting pushed in front of the Zuffa firing squad fighting your martyr battles for 0 SEK.  The timing and wording of it is also highly questionable. He just got a 100K in bonuses so whoever did that shoddy translating job and decided to publish it on UG had to have known it would piss off the Zuffa brass and put Gus on their shit list. I declare shenanigans. 

Thankful1 site profile image  

3/12/14 7:13 PM by Thankful1

And you can't talk business with fighters.