Mexed Martial Arts gets its first 10th degree black belt


It recently came to the attention of The UnderGround that Italy, land of Julius Caesar,  Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri, Galileo Galilei, Archimedes, Marco Polo, and Cristoforo Colombo has a new luminary.

Shang-Men-Rem Prof. Gilberto Pauciullo has hitherto unequaled qualifications in martial arts. His 22 10th degree black belts include five in Jiu-Jitsu alone, and one in mexed martial arts.

Mixed martial arts trainers have hitherto not been graced with important titles, advanced degrees, and critical international directorships. Thus it is profoundly important for each of us to study this role model:

Official Certificates:
11Th Duan – Man seer Kung Pai Kung Fu.
10Th Dan – Katory Yama RyuJu-Jutsu.
10Th Dan – Okonawa Go JuRyu.
10Th Dan – Street Rapid Defense System.
10Th Dan – WOSD/Kapap System.
10Th Dan – Self-Defense.
10Th Dan – Agni Kempo.
10Th Dan – I.F.Knife Fighting System.
Grade A - HanshiSoubukai Karate-Do / Japan-Tokyo.
10Th Dan – Ju-Boxing Full Contact.
10Th Dan – Shin KakutoJutsu-Hanshi.
10Th Dan – Gung Chi Pai Gung Fu System.
10Th Dan – Ju-Hitsu .AJJIF.
10Th Dan – Ju-Jitsu .IJJF.
10Th Dan – Ju-Jitsu .ACJJ.
10Th Dan – Ju-Jitsu .UAJJ.
10Th Dan – Martial Arts Police Method.
10Th Dan – Makoto Ryu Ju-Jitsu.
10Th Dan – Bu-JutsuSigung.
10Th Dan – Mexed Martial Arts.
10Th Dan – SERCSU.
10Th Dan – DIM MAK.
10Th Dan – Nefusen Submission Ju-Jitsu.
10Th Dan – Vietnamese Combat Martial Arts.
Si Gung Wing Chun – IntYp Man martial Arts Sifu Council.
Si Gung Chi Kung .
9Th Dan – Ken Jitsu.
9Th Dan – Tatsu Seiki Kikou-Do.
9Th Dan – Kamishin Kai Ju-Jitsu.
9Th Dan – Karate-Do.
9Th Dan – PioyEskrimaS.Miguel de Abanico Ming Sune Do.
9Th Dan – Chinese Kempo.
9Th Dan – Kokusai Sin JutsuKempo Kai.
Muk Yan Chong – Wing Chun Institute.
Chi Sao – Wing Chun Institute.
8Th Dan – Judo.
8Th Dan – Kimuchino Aikido.
7Th Dan – A.O.S. Tai Chi System.
7Th Dan – Ashihara Bu-Do kai.
7Th Dan – Ting Ho Dao.
7ThDuanShaolin Yang Sheng Fa.
7Th Dan – OSTCS.
6Th Dan – SeishinryokuGoju Kick Boxing.
6Th Dan – Kendo.
6Th Dan – OSR Karate-Do.
2Nd Dan – Sakibo.
Master of MARMA ADI.
Master of KAPAP – Level B – cert.n:704788.
Master of Military – Police Special Force.
Master of Special Commando Force – S.O.G.
Master Expert of KravMaga.
Master Expert of Close Combat System.
Depositary Master of Italian Traditional Knife.
Depositary Master of Italian Hand Weapons Combat System.

He's only a 4th dan in FULUNGJJ?

President, or otherwise serves in a position of leadership, for the: 
Italy All Martial Arts Federations.
World Man Seer Kung Pai Kung Fu Academy Confederation.
World League of Martial Arts – K.I.M.
It.Fil. Knife Fighting System.
United Nations Medicine Association – Oriental Medicine.
International Karate ShinkakutoJutsu Federation.
World All Martial Arts Federation.
Martial Arts Olympic – MAO SPORTS.
Italia All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation.
All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation AJJIF.
All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation AJJIF.
All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation AJJIF.
Istitute per le TradizioniMarzialiItaliane.
International Ju-Jitsu Federation .IJJF .
International Kimuchino Aikido Federation.
Italia Raven Tactical System.
International Kung Fu Federation.IKF.
World Organization of the Self-Defense.
AIK Kapap Tactical School.
Krav Maga System R.O.K.S.
World SokeshipSeishinryoku Kay .I.O.S.K.D.K.A.
International American Okinawa Seishinryoku Tai Chi Club.
Italian Self-Defense School.
World Martial Arts College.
Union International de Pancrace& Disciplines Assimilates.
International Combat Union.I.C.U.
International Combative Self-Defense Association.
Italy Representative Self-Defense:
World MartialArtsForum.W.M.F.
International Council of Headmaster &SokeshipRenmei.
World Organizer of Martial Arts.W.O.M.A.
International Council of Higher Martial Arts Education.
International Instructor Federation.I.I.F.
International Grandmasters Society.
World Head of Society.
Saudi Kendo &IaidoOrganization.W.O.M.A.
International Sifu Federation.
International Yp Man Martial Arts Sifu Council.
Martial Arts Association International.MAA-I.
Songchai Institute of Muaythai-Bangkok Boxing Stadium.
Kiyoukiyoku Bu-Do Team Saigo.
Hang Sheng Fa Association.

Official Representative &Member of the:

Apparently these two fine publications share the same photojournalist, and love for red fonts.

Facebook page for the author Dr. Zilfiqar.

Here O Sensei bends a sword by holding it with his face, while he pushed it with his face (28:00 min mark), one of the sites from the bottom of the certificate, has a lot of Kanji. If you cut and pasts the Japanese text into google translate, you get an unusual translation. 

Consideration seriously Mature sex

I of man slut until the retaining clips snap into MILF sex

I think I have a place where you were in the old days a little Kobaka I mean sex Mature Jokei, but I want to sincerely apologize it now.

Because I may say was a bitch I steadily in the past, a young child it was a situation like being in considerable personal belongings have also fairly Saffle.

I had a job at a real estate agent of Shinagawa, but that I had to take me to the senior Mature sex that was respected was the opportunity.

I was surprised at first it is fellatio technique.

I have a place like that would be good if somehow violently Shabure of Tteyuu girl young, blowjob Mature I felt good anyway fellatio wrapping up To soggy.

I thing that is had been obsessed with the charm of mature woman completely in the trigger can now Shinagawa Deriheru has become a regular customer of a certain MILF shop.

If you use at the hotel Mature Deriheru, feel, does not it? Uplifting Become a feel like being in adultery softening.

Milf are the best after all

In short, there is a lot to learn here for all of us...


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3/25/14 3:25 PM by MrAntichrist

Has DTW gotten in on this thread yet? I would've thought he'd have read the title and assumed it was full of praise toward him.

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3/25/14 2:15 PM by Kevin bacon


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3/25/14 8:06 AM by Chadderz

Maybe. How fucking old is this guy anyway?

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3/24/14 9:20 AM by Letibleu

Are shoulders that narrow considered a deformation?

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3/24/14 9:14 AM by sidman

Nok Su Kow

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3/18/14 7:18 AM by Chadderz

Valid point. If he was legit DTW would have trained with him.

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3/18/14 7:07 AM by Blazing Knees

How come there's no mention of Dan the wolfman training these guys in systema ? Can't be legit without that

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3/18/14 6:56 AM by FETT_DiscipleDojo

Dat belt width

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3/18/14 4:46 AM by kungfufedor

I want this dude to fight Coleman ... Lets see how good he is