Hendricks: GSP loss was a blessing


After the final bell had rung, a lot of fans and media had thought Johny Hendricks had done enough to take Georges St-Pierre's welterweight title. However the judges disagreed and GSP earned the nod, but Hendricks believes the loss was a blessing in disguise:

For his part, Hendricks was shocked that he was able to stay composed and classy after the judges scored the fight for St. Pierre last fall despite the former wrestler appearing to have controlled almost every round with striking and wrestling.

"Man, the good Lord," Hendricks told USA Today in regards to how he kept it together and stayed positive.

"Man, I prayed about it. I think a lot of my fans did, too. Because, realistically, I thought I was going to flip out. I really did. Whenever Joe grabbed that mic to me, man, I thought I was just going to go on a rampage. But something came over me, man. It was just like, 'boom.' Stay calm. You know? It wasn't our moment. And, look, in return, I get to fight here in Dallas...it turned out to be a blessing."

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Sprawl 68 site profile image  

3/15/14 10:11 AM by Sprawl 68


RyannVonDoom site profile image  

3/15/14 9:31 AM by RyannVonDoom

Doesnt help that he fought diaz and condit, two high volume strikers, does it? Then add in not wanting to be there against hendricks and still getting the job done.

Rob San Soo site profile image  

3/15/14 9:22 AM by Rob San Soo

All fighter have problem leading to a fight lol his time came, get over it , like people still want watch his boring style. Smh

AdmiralCackbar site profile image  

3/15/14 9:20 AM by AdmiralCackbar

AHAHAHAHAHAH!A prime GSP before his knee injury would have taken an easy decision over Hendricks. The GSP we've seen in the past few years is 70% of what he used to be.

Entreri site profile image  

3/15/14 9:16 AM by Entreri

Age has caught up to GSP, he is a step slower and some like Hendricks have a good game plan. I think most importantly he has lost some of the hunger and love for fighting. A prime GSP would have dominated Hendricks for 5 rounds.

Sukulaku site profile image  

3/15/14 8:21 AM by Sukulaku

Ok, how many fans actually prayed for an athlete that lost a close decision? Anyone?

canuck34 site profile image  

3/15/14 7:39 AM by canuck34

Also, in my view, the reasonGeorge is getting hit more isn't because he is slowing down. It is because people are starting to gameplan around his style. They have tons of video showing what GsP's MO is and they are taking advantage of it.I think if he comes back he has to change his game up a bit and throw everyone off. He even mentioned how Hendricks threw him off by throwing the left to the body to avoid GSP ducking under for the takedown etc...

canuck34 site profile image  

3/15/14 7:32 AM by canuck34

I disagree. That was a super close fight. People act like Hendricks dominated bell to bell. George for sure won 2 rounds and, IMO, did enough to win 3. That is the definition of a close fight.

Herman Munster site profile image  

3/15/14 6:12 AM by Herman Munster

The good lord knew and knows GSP won. GSP is also the best rematch fighter in the history of the sport. Johny wants none of rematch GSP. Hendricks will be going downhill after his epic recent weight cut failure... Clearly his 220lb Dolce weight cut shit will start to catch up to him, and likely he will not even be relevant soon enough for GSP to rematch with.....if he even comes back.

FinestScotch site profile image  

3/15/14 5:12 AM by FinestScotch

Hendricks would lay a similar beat down on any version of GSP. He has the tools to make any night hell for Georges