Who's next for Hendricks??!?


When Johny Hendricks beat Robbie Lawler to become the new welterweight champion, he had some very specific ideas about what was next.

“I’m going to go home, kiss my wife, kiss my three little girls, (and) say that I’m going to be home for a little bit,” said Hendricks as transcribed by MMAJunkie. “I’ll spend some time with them and be a father again. Just enjoy life.”

However, when UFC president Dana White was asked whether the other welterweight fights that night had provided a picture of who is next for Hendricks, he did not reply positively.

"Nope," said White.

There were two key welterweight bouts Saturday. Tyron Woodley beat former interim champ Carlos Condit in the second, when Condit suffered a knee injury. And earlier on the card, Hector Lombard outpointed Jake Shields.

Nick Diaz was cageside clearly hoping for a title shot at Hendricks, and both Woodley and Lombard made the case post fight.

"I blew [Dana White's] phone up until he probably couldn’t take it any more," said Woodley. "Because I want to be the world champ, and I think that alone, the persistence, warrants me a world title shots. Me and Johny Hendricks have some unfinished business from the big-12 days of wrestling, and I would love to get my hands on him.”

Lombard too hopes for a title shot.

“I would like to get that please,” said the former Olympian. "I beat the guy that [Hendricks] was himself calling for the right to fight for the belt, because he had, like, four wins. So I believe now that Robbie is out of the picture, I can be a tough challenge for him.”

During the close of the broadcast, UFC commentator Joe Rogan said that he thought the next challenger for Hendricks should be Rory MacDonald, who is coming off a win over Demian Maia at UFC 170 last month.

MacDonald was enthusiastic about the prospect.

"Who wants to see me fight @JohnyHendricks in vancouver for the @ufc welterweight title?" posted Ares. "Bringing the title back to canada!! @danawhite"

And at the post-fight press conference, Hendricks did say who he most wants to fight again.

"I'd like to fight Georges again," he said. "I think it'd be fun. We had a good match. I think I'm better. I'm going to get stronger. I'm finding out that I need to be a little bit better with my accuracy."

Who do you think should be next? And is that who you think will be next?

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Babyruth site profile image  

3/18/14 9:16 AM by Babyruth


JustAnotherMMAFan site profile image  

3/18/14 5:53 AM by JustAnotherMMAFan

Since I thought Lawler won, and either way you look at it, it was a very close match, I would love to see an immediate rematch.Hector Lombard, while an amazing athlete, seems to gas quite fast (which we've seen in his fights against Tim Boestch, and Jake Shields). But it'd be fun to watch.

spirello site profile image  

3/18/14 4:16 AM by spirello

Hendricks vs DiazYes yes yes

RJJH site profile image  

3/17/14 9:58 PM by RJJH


Jhay site profile image  

3/17/14 9:13 PM by Jhay

I would love to see a lawler rematch, oh god would I love that. Diaz would be a fun build up, and a potentially fun fight, but he doesn't deserve it at all. Lombard needs one more top win, as well as woodley, maybe have them fight? As far as kim and brown, I think they both need a dominant win over a big name, maybe brown vs diaz, and kim vs rory? rory is in the same boat as brown and kim.so I say...Hendricks vs Lawler IIWoodley vs LombardBrown vs DiazKim vs McDonaldI think these would all be REALLY fun fights and would help clear up the muddy waters of the WW division.

LayzieTheSavage site profile image  

3/17/14 4:20 PM by LayzieTheSavage

Diaz... I don't care if it makes sense to you or not. Those fox polls clearly state that I'm not the only one who feels that way. Give the fans what they want.

Kansas Comet site profile image  

3/17/14 4:06 PM by Kansas Comet

GSP obviously.Winner of Woodley vs Lombard next #1 Contender

pwnstars420 site profile image  

3/17/14 2:33 PM by pwnstars420

My best guess is Rory. After the fights, Joe Rogan was talking and he mentioned Rory Macdonald and they played some clips of him. I'm assuming that was planned. Rory vs Hendricks in Canada...

Tomato Can site profile image  

3/17/14 2:18 PM by Tomato Can

I agree Woodley edged Shields but the fight was practically a draw whereas Lombard just absolutely clowned Shields in every respect, and is undefeated at 170.

2Fort site profile image  

3/17/14 1:59 PM by 2Fort

Lombard vs Woodley for number 1 contender, IMO